Friday, May 07, 2004


Journalistic Fraud: How The New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be TrustedTreasonous. That's how I would define the Yemeni Television Network (oops, I mean CBS) release of the POW mistreatment photos. Yes, the information needed to get to those in power. Yes, the soldiers who played roles in the mistreatment should be disciplined to the full text of the UCMJ. But the photos did not need to be released to the world to accomplish these goals. Let's face the truth: for the most part, these incidents looked no more harmful than some serious fraternity hazing incidents. But it's all about the politics today, and not about the lives of our men and women serving overseas.

Those who released the Abu Ghraib prison pictures have endangered the lives of our POW's in the hands of Iraqi militiamen. If Matt Maupin and other POW's are found to have come to harm after the release of these photos, their families should sue the media outlets that dispensed them. Their single-minded agenda to further the Democratic cause -- with no rhyme or reason about the information they disclose -- is painfully obvious. I can assure you that the Iraqi militia will not be hazing their prisoners.

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