Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Seven Stages of Targeted Marketing

Jump Start Your Business Brain: Win More, Lose Less, and Make More Money with Your New Products, Services, Sales & AdvertisingThe seven stages of targeted marketing are described in this brief and compelling article directed at those of us who are marketing-stunted.

"The 7 stages, involving a mixture of tele-research, direct mail and telesales, are listed below. Each stage will be described in more detail later in this article:

Selection of key target market sectors: identifying what types of customers you want to do business with.

List research: compiling lists of potential customers.

Telephone research: to ensure that the information gained from the lists is accurate, and to get any supplementary information not included in the mailing lists.

Prospect selection: based on the lists and telephone research, to eliminate any inappropriate prospects and / or to produce a smaller, manageable sub-list for this particular mailing.

Mailshot: sending out a letter and appropriate sales literature to the selected prospects.

Telephone follow-up: this is where you really go for whatever it is you are wanting - a sales meeting, a trial order, the opportunity to quote... whatever is your objective.

Recording, measuring, monitoring: so that you know what has worked, what has not, what actions you need to take next."

Targeted marketing: how to do it

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