Monday, July 26, 2004


Reckless DisregardI'm certainly willing to give Sandy Berger the benefit of the doubt, but the simple question must be asked: why? Can't someone -- anyone -- answer that question?

Commentator Mark Steyn says it best, as he explains Sandy Berger's series of "honest mistakes": "By his own words, he's guilty of acts that any other American would go to jail for. He ‘inadvertently' shoved 30-page classified documents down his pants and then ‘inadvertently' lost them at home and then ‘inadvertently' returned to the National Archives to ‘inadvertently' take another draft of the same 30-page document and he ‘inadvertently' lost that, too. He ‘inadvertently' made forbidden cell phone calls from the room with the classified documents, and he ‘inadvertently' took more suspicious bathroom breaks while in the Archives".

If the Democratic propagandists had their way, they would have us convinced that the hoopla surrounding Sandy Berger is much ado about nothing. In essence, they're insulting our intelligence by telling us: "Nothing to see here, just keep moving". Remember the stance of Democratic operatives when the Whitewater billing records were miraculously discovered on a table in Hillary Clinton's private quarters in the White House? Mind you, these were the same documents that Senator Alphonse D'Amato had been diligently seeking over a period of time for a Senate investigation. Here's the deal -- When Democrats are caught in incriminating circumstances, their spinmeisters nonchalantly maintain that "things just happen" – there's no rebuke, no accountability.

And, of course, the Democrats adeptly cast blame on others in efforts to divert attention from their outrageous behaviors. Sandy Berger is one of their own, and they're going to protect him. His friends and colleagues are chalking-up his current situation to "carelessness" on his part. Really, even if Sandy Berger was a harebrained sloppy klutz, that still wouldn't excuse him of shoving top-secret documents down his pants – but I digress. Unfortunately, the Democrats can often spin with impunity since their allies, the major news media, aren't about to criticize them.

Berger Probe Intriguing

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