Friday, February 04, 2005

Scoble to Gates: Start Blogging!

Click here for AmazonIn the tradition of Hugh Hewitt's Blog, famed Microsoftie Robert Scoble has told Bill Gates that he needs to starting blogging... now! Oh, plus, Windows Media Player needs to be open-sourced. And Microsoft needs to come up with an iPod killer.

Hi Bill. I've been thinking about how to make Windows Media cool. You know, cooler than wearing white headphone cords. Open source the product development. Yeah, you're gonna be hearing a lot about "open source this" and "open source that" in 2005...

We have five months to come out with a great new set of music players and get a great marketing campaign going. Why is that? It's called back to school. If we don't get something going by June then we lose another generation to the iPod. Do you want to let that happen?

So, here's my idea:

1) Start a weblog. NOW. Get the person who runs the team to start a blog. NOW. Or fire him/her. I'm serious...

4) Get the blogosphere involved. Take advice from the leading podcasters. Adam Curry, Dave Winer, Dawn and Drew, Carl Franklin, Doug Kaye, etc. Make sure that at least five ideas from the online crew makes it into the product...

Scobleizer: Open Letter to Bill Gates

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