Monday, April 11, 2005

The Collaborators

Click here for AmazonThe consistently brilliant Power Line has followed up on the bizarre story of AP photographers who won the Pulitzer Prize. Some of the photos appear to have been taken in collaboration with terrorist insurgents.

New York Times photographer D. Gorton analyzed the photos and weighed in with his take on this photo:

Leaving aside the ethical specifics of this situation, if I knew that an event was about to occur that included possible violence, I would do exactly what it appears the photographer did in making this picture:

(1) I would choose an elevated mobile platform where I had an unobstructed view of the scene, and where I had maneuverability to observe as well as rapid exit...such as a pick up truck

(2) I would be at enough distance to be somewhat protected and inconspicuous

(3) I would choose a medium telephoto lens that could be hand held in a moving vehicle, yet give me large enough images to be clearly recognizable.

So, the assassination picture has all the earmarks of a planned image, indicating that the photographer had taken most of the considerations that I have written about above.

Power Line: The AP

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