Friday, April 01, 2005

Those Annoying Newspaper Logins

Click here for AmazonThose who use the Google News site on a regular basis confront this scourge on a regular basis:

Useless newspaper registrations

Yes, they're more annoying than the guy down the hall who does that sh*tty Yoda impression and thinks it's funny.

As if we need another user-name and password combination to remember. Especially a credential-set that delivers us nothing. Not security -- we don't care about the site, we just want to read the article. Not privacy -- again, we just want the content.

Thankfully, the folks at BugMeNot saw the opportunity to provide similarly disgusted users with newspaper-site credentials. Just enter the URL you want to visit and *voila* - a user-name and password, already pre-registered, will appear.

The sooner the newspaper sites come up with effective, non-intrusive ways to profile their audience, the better. But, given the fact that this is the mainstream media we're talking about, I'm not hopeful that they'll get it anytime soon.

BugMeNot: Ridding the world of annoying, useless passwords

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