Thursday, July 07, 2005

Confederacy of Cowards

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Excel web sharing - spreadsheet collaboration over the Internet made easy with BadBlueThe geniuses at Air America have pinpointed the cause of the London terror attacks. And, yes, of course: it's the Bush administration's fault. Who else would you expect?

The business-savvy Al Franken interviews the shining wit *, Thomas Oliphant:
* Spoonerism

Franken: ...have we made things worse...

Oliphant: ...let's assume for a second that the authorities are correct, that it appears to be jihadists, um, were they inspired by the American occupation in Iraq? The middle east situation? What was it?

...what I think is so awful, in the short term, is that we don't see, is this culture that lacks acountability in the United States, just fascinates me.

Franken: You are talking about the Administration?

Oliphant: Yes!

Paraphrasing Hugh Hewitt, yes, they are that misguided, as is most of the Democratic party. Which is precisely why they can not be trusted with anything more substantial than a microphone or a keyboard.

The facts of the matter are simple and, yet, for reasons of intellectual bankruptcy, demagoguery, obstructionism, or plain old-fashioned stupidity, some on the Left blithely ignore the historical facts that sit plainly in front of their very noses:

*There have been jihadists attacking the West since 1993.

*If the London cell had had WMD, they would have used them.

*WMD are being produced by regimes around the world that hate the United States, Great Britain and the west.

*Eventually those regimes will arm cells with WMD unless we either (a)destroy the cells before they get the WMD, (b)destroy the regimes that produce WMD, or (c) do both (a) and (b).

We cannot be making it "worse" by killing terrorists in Iraq, disarming Libya, rolling Syria back from Lebanon, and pursuing Islamist fanatics wherever we find them.

We made it "worse" by doing nothing from 1993 until 9/11.

There is no other way, and any fool who says there is is simply that, a fool. Worse, a dangerous fool.

Mark Steyn, on Hewitt's show this evening, powerfully dispenses with the Oliphants and Frankens of the world, who would simply bury their heads in the sand and offer surrender. All the while, these geniuses would assume that their exposed posteriors could magically avoid the hard kicks aimed their way.

...when you're dealing with a situation where a guy is trying to kill you, you don't really care what his motivations are. You need to be able to stop him from killing you...

...I wonder if [Durbin will] be making comparisons between Gitmo and the tactics of the bombers today in London...

...there are already rumors that one of these men involved in this thing, was somebody who was released from Guantanamo. I mean, the fact of the matter is, that all of the guys in Gitmo would like to be out there doing this kind of thing...

...These are people who enjoy killing infidels. They enjoy killing schoolchildren. They enjoy killing Red Cross workers. They've just murdered the Egyptian ambassador in Iraq... They enjoy killing. And if you are an infidel, you're a target.

If the reins of the Democratic party continue to be held by the likes of Kennedy, Durbin, and Pelosi; and if their ideological helmsmen are members of the surrender posse (e.g., the New York Times, Al Franken and the Einstein-like Thomas Oliphant), then they are certain to continue losing elections.

Echoing the talking points of the Bin Ladens, the Zarqawis, the suicide-bombers, the head-choppers, the Richard Reids, the Muhammad Attas, and all of the Jihadists who have waged a bloody series of attacks against America since 1993 -- and who have promised to kill millions of Americans if they are able -- the Democratic party is simply trapped.

Fearful of eroding their central, load-bearing column -- the Howard Dean and Michael Moore-inspired hard left flock -- the Democrats have instead chosen to jettison the American people. They will learn another hard lesson in the 2006 elections, assuming the current Democratic structure remains in place. And, from all apperances it will.

As DJ Drummond says: "There’s a good reason the U.S. hasn’t been attacked on our soil since 9/11, but you won’t hear it from a Democrat."

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