Friday, January 27, 2006

The A to Z of Programmer Predilictions

Funny article describing the 26 flavors of software developer. Here's a taste:

Generic George

George delights in the design process. Pathologically incapable of solving just the immediate problem at hand, George always creates the most generic, flexible and adaptable solution possible, paying for the capabilities he thinks he will need in the future with extra complexity now. Sadly, George always seems to anticipate incorrectly. The castles in the air that he continually builds rarely end up with more than a single room occupied. Meanwhile, everyone must cope with the inordinate degree of time and effort that is needlessly invested in managing the complexity of an implementation whose flexibility is never required. It is a usual characteristic of George's work that it takes at least a dozen classes working together to accomplish even trivial functionality. He is generally the first to declare "Let's build a framework" whenever the opportunity presents itself, and the last to want to use the framework thus created.

The A to Z of Programmer Predilictions

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