Monday, March 06, 2006

Chris Matthews: Bush "Sneaks" Into Pakistan "Like a Drug Dealer"

The invaluable Newsbusters gang captured the loathsome Chris Matthews wearing his full Democratic Party regalia:

Matthews asked ex-Clinton aide David Gergen and security expert Roger Cressey about the heavy security surrounding Bush’s visit [to Pakistan]. Matthews asked Cressey: “This is extraordinary, isn’t it?”

Cressey replied that “it’s typical for what happens when you bring the President into a very high risk country, very similar to what we did when President Clinton went into Pakistan in 2000.”

Matthews cut him off: “But he’s coming in like a drug dealer. I mean, having to sneak in like that, with the lights off, with the windows slammed shut on the plane. Is this a security question, really, or is it a problem of that government? Is it a problem that within the security service in Pakistan there are people out to hurt the President?”

If Matthews' political preferences were any more obvious, he'd bray rather than talk. Perhaps Matthews would prefer that the President arrive in Karachi by landing a glider in front of the Lyari Mosque during morning prayers.

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