Sunday, May 06, 2007

Associated Press Parade of Stupidity, Chapter 6,603

Under the byline of the AP, a national "news" story in today's morning papers opens with a catchy lede:

Today's foreign terrorists could become tomorrow's U.S. refugees if the Bush administration gets its way...

Of course, by the seventh paragraph of the "news" story, the AP reveals the crux of the proposed amendments to the Immigration and Naturalization Act:

Under current law, virtually all armed nongovernmental groups are classified as terrorist organizations and the United States is prohibited from accepting their members and combatants as refugees...

...In addition, about 5, 000 people already in the United States as refugees have been blocked from seeking U.S. citizenship because of the rules. About 600 people asking for political asylum have had their cases put on hold.

Amendments to the Immigration and Naturalization Act would permit the government to waive the rules for active members and fighters of terrorist groups on a case-by-case basis...

In other words, the State Department seeks greater flexibility in granting asylum.

But leave it to the AP to position this as a shocking revelation: "Bush wants to let Al Qaeda members into the United States!"

The AP's agenda, though, is transparent enough that no author seems to have been willing to place his or her byline on the article.

If the AP's news stories get any more spin, they could be sold as gyroscopes.

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