Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Hi, John McCain. This is Alex."

Hi, John McCain. This is Alex.

He's my first.

And I pray every day he's smarter than I am.

Because when you said you would stay in Iraq for a hundred years...

I was afraid you meant Alex.

But then I remembered we don't have a draft.

*Sigh* - Like I said, I hope my son is smarter than I am.

'Cuz, maybe then, he won't be making union wages working as a mouthpiece for MorOn.org like his Mama.

Update: Don Surber suggests Alex's side of the dialogue:

"Hi John McCain."
"This is Alex."
"I realize you cannot pick your family."
"But sheesh."
"What a dingbat I have for a mother."
"She's a loon."
"Single mom."
"Eats seaweed."
"Calls the dog her 'animal companion.'"
"Doesn't bathe because soap is made from oil and she wants to reduce her carbon footprint."
"You can see why she's a single mom."
"Fortunately, Dad was a regular guy."
"An Alex P. Keaton type."
"Maybe that's how I got my name."
"Look, about this Iraq thing."
"Can I sign up now?"
"I know I'm little and all and way underage."
"But you gotta save me. She's a loon."

Won't you please help? If we can save even one child...

Update II: OMFG, Don Surber adds another classic song to the mix. I wonder if the peaceniks at MorOn.org have a contract out on Mr. Surber...?

Yup: Don Surber, Memeorandum and Wonkette are all cracking me up.

Idea ripped off from: Larwyn

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