Thursday, June 19, 2008

Keith Olbermann: World's Worst Hypocrite?

The invaluable Olbermann Watch:

This has to be quoted verbatim, since it is rich in Olbypocrisy and irony [as Keith Olbermann earlier this week said]:

It's not an unreasonable request to ask that personal attacks against the wife of the candidate as part of a misguided strategy to torpedo a political campaign be off limits.

Stop the tivo! Let's set The Wayback Machine for just a few weeks ago:

KEITH OLBERMANN: So Cindy, your husband is running a fully negative campaign. He's a flaming fraud. And if you think he's clean, so are you!

Cindy McCain, today's "worst person in the world"!

Attacking the wife of a decorated POW as a "fraud"... that's what an Edward R. Murrow or Tim Russert would have done!

With Olbermann, though, it is hard to say whether it's hypocrisy or stupidity.

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