Monday, June 16, 2008

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Bob Beckel bans himself from TV!

• Froma Harrop: Obama's confusing poetry.

• BBC: Gaza voices: a year of Hamas.

• Country Store: Obama's brother Malik says his sibling will be a good president "despite his Muslim background".

Malik must not have gotten the email.

• American Digest: Roll your own Obama Posters!

• American Thinker (J.R. Dunn): Conservatives must not practice the politics of despair:

Let's keep in mind that Obama is merely the latest invincible candidate. We saw another one just recently, one who strode the earth like a colossus, who knew all the tricks, who had an unbeatable organization, an answer for everything, a plan that could not be overturned. A candidate who embodied liberalism as a world-historical force.

That was only last year. Her name was Hillary Clinton.

• LGF: The Audacity of Bob Beckel; and Gateway Pundit has the five-second summary:

Back on June 3, 2008 Bob Beckel told the Fox News audience that a big shoe was about to drop and that it had something to do with Michelle Obama (the dreaded "whitey" tape)... The blogosphere went wild over this rumor he started... Today Beckel said that whoever started that rumor should be banned from television

I'm thinkin' that ban is a heck of an idea.

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