Sunday, June 22, 2008

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Why Obama dropped public funding

Breitbart TV: Former Clinton Volunteer Now Supporting McCain Claims Threats by Obama Supporters ("Obama staff called me a racist... I was attacked in the Internet blogs and by Keith Olbermann as a racist. I have been receiving threats at my home and threats to my children.")

Daily Mail (UK): Angel of Darfur: a nurse reveals the brutality in Africa's meanest country

Politico: Obama alienates the editors

Indymedia: David White speaks truth to the powerless.

Ace of Spades: The New York Times discovers Surge has worked just as last of Surge troops arrive home.

Canada Free Press: Creators of carbon credit scheme cashing in on it.

Auto Blog Green: Mercedes wants to eliminate petroleum from its lineup by 2015 (err, won't that put a bit of a strain on the electric grid?)

Anchoress: Obama, the 527 lies, and racism

Extreme Mortman (via Instapundit): Is this the ad that scared Obama into dropping public funding?

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