Friday, April 10, 2009

The Silence of the Crap Factories

Today's Washington Post features a detailed review of Mark Rudd's UNDERGROUND: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen.

The James Rosen review is glowing; it describes Rudd's work as a "gem... [we should be] grateful for Rudd's work of history... [it] is honest and funny, passionate and contrite, meticulously researched and deeply philosophical: an essential document on the '60s."

One thing is certain. Rosen's book is not -- and will never be -- a bestseller. It may in fact be an important history of the sixties.

But it is also the work of an American terrorist, a leader of a group that killed three cops and offered logistical support to other radicals that killed nine additional police officers.

On the other hand, a book entitled Liberty & Tyranny, a Conservative Manifesto is a bestseller. With a bullet. It is number one in sales on every bookseller's list: from The New York Times to In only two weeks, it has sold more than a quarter million copies with 300,000 additional volumes reportedly ordered.

In fact, it is destined to sell more copies than every Bush-bashing tome featured on CBS' 60 Minutes combined.

Consider just a few of the immortal works featured on 60 Minutes in the last few years:

David Kuo: bashing Bush for faith-based initiatives

Scott McClellan: bashing Bush because it was, reportedly, the only way to get his book published

Richard Clarke: bashing Bush to deflect attention from his counterterror role prior to 9/11

Bob Woodward: bashing Bush because "The Surge" was (at the time) certain to fail

Alan Greenspan: blaming Bush for the financial crisis

Anthony Zinni: bashing Bush over his complicity in "dereliction, negligence... irresponsibility... lying, incompetence and corruption" in Iraq

Paul O'Neill: bashing Bush over (what else) Iraq

Alexandra Robbins: bashing Bush over his membership in a secretive Yale fraternity

Ben Barnes: bashing Bush over avoiding Vietnam by flying F-102s for the Texas Air National Guard

Valerie Plame: bashing Bush to cover her own lies -- and her husband's lies --regarding Saddam Hussein's confirmed pursuit of uranium ore

So where is the 60 Minutes review of Levin's book?

How about the Washington Post's review of Liberty & Tyranny?

And how does the The New York Times assess Levin's historical examination of the Republic and its relevance to today's "Statism"?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Put simply, well-deserved bankruptcies await these amazingly partisan crap factories.

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