Saturday, May 16, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: Cracks in the Facade

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The Death of U.S. Health Care: Hill
Obama's CIA director: Pelosi a liar: Hill
Two Heartbeats Away: LegalIns

Gingrich goes nuclear on Pelosi: RCP
Cracks in the facade: Hanson
The Hammer: ‘Pelosi Would Short-Circuit a Polygraph’: Underestimated (Vid)

Illuminating thoughts from Robert Gibbs: Nice Deb
California: Everything must go!: LA Times
Change! Obama restarts Bush-era tribunals: Times

Defense cuts cost 30,000 jobs in STL: GWP
Obama's competence gap: PJM (Rubin)

Crime & Law

Trying to unravel ACORN: Beck
Ex-ACORN employee: Democrats must block funding: Examiner
Now Bachmann's coming through the front door: Star-Trib

Chrysler and the rule of law: WSJ

Climate & Energy

Who's the biggest energy hog in the world?: MoneyRunner
EPA Overreaches with Navajo Nation: AIP


From Meccania to Atlantis - Part 11: Mugged by Reality: Brussels
UK editor sacked for Fake Torture pics: Lord
Seven deadly myths about weapons of terror: NDM

Obama-enlightened Iranian regime holds another mass-hanging party: GWP


Six random coincidences that created the modern world: Cracked

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