Monday, May 18, 2009

Larwyn's 'Lines: Dowd plagiarizes the blogosphere

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Obama's honest day's work: Greenroom
Tuesday: California goes over the edge: GRW
Stupid policies of the ruling class: TheTownTalk

Obamas lived way above their means: S+L
Hasta la vista, Arnold: Reason TV
Why U.S. ed schools are so awful: CJ (Stern)

The Awakening of a Dumb (Gay) American: Winecoff
From RINOs to IOUs, GOP Must Face the Facts : PJTV
How The Socialists Are Destroying America From Within: WVT

Fever swamp memo: R.S. McCain
Marines: Denny


America's Trade War with Canada: Mises
Pakistan rapidly adding new nukes: Greenroom
The Europeanization of American Capitalism: PJM (Kern)

The wrong change for Afghanistan: Charlie Foxtrot

Climate & Energy

Before we 'fix' climate change, we should define what it is: Toronto Sun
Argos monitoring systems must be burned at the stake: Rick
Something hinky this way comes: Watts


Killing a story: how it's done: Power Line
NYT Public Editor investigates ACORN non-story, finds nothing amiss: New Bankrupt Times
What's killing newspapers?: CBK

Maureen Dowd plagiarizes TPM: TPM

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