Sunday, May 03, 2009

Larwyn's Link Kerplosion: Cramdown

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Tapper goes after White House on Lauria claim: Ace
Fix it again, Treasury!: Kaus
Nationwide Tea Party Leaders Call on Obama to Live up to Meeting Promise: InstaPundit
Jack Kemp, R.I.P.: JO
Punish the real "torture" culprits: Ace
'Change' We Hope They Didn't Believe In: Maguire
New York Gun Control Measures: Jawa
Barney Frank repudiates his own anti-ACORN support: STACLU
Snort: Cheerios and milk go flying: Crittenden
Census off to a good start: Charlie Foxtrot
ABC reveals interrogators' names, photos, location: Exurban


The Taliban's Atomic Threat: Bolton
Ahmadinejad's upcoming visit to Brazil: Fausta
Saudi intellectual: Western Civilization Liberated Mankind: MEMRI
A laughingstock in Paris: Wheeler


Joe Biden associated with a fund-of-funds feeder scam?: Zero Hedge
The crisis of credit visualized: LGF
Surprise: Obama's job savings claims are bogus: FactCheck
Self-hating Wall Streeters: TigerHawk


Great Lakes Water Level Changed Not By Global Warming... But By Ice Jams: Gateway
Science bloggers challenge HuffPo 'Wellness' Editor: Bloggasm
New York Times forced to issue correction on global warming folderol :Depot


Sycophant Gail Collins tries to cover for Biden: MoneyRunner
50 tools everyone should own: Pop Mech
Interview with Mark Levin: RWN
Today's Meme: SondraK
Tenure won't mean much if the college goes broke: AT (Kemp)
Does “Progressive” Hate for Obama Boil Beneath The Surface?: Aces
The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports: Moore

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