Monday, August 10, 2009

Cliff Asness' word-mincing days appear to be over

Cliff Asness' word-mincing days appear to be over. If he ever had any, that is.

From: StumblingOnTruth Comments
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Subject: Flag me!

Dear Leader and Minions,

The only thing more un-American, anti-freedom, and hypocritical from this administration, that dared to campaign on the prior administration's respect of the Constitution, than your attempt to socialize vast swaths of the American economy, is your new attempt to silence your legitimate critics. You have (collectively with your party) called them Nazis, you have lied about their generally peaceful demonstrations while ignoring the incredible hypocrisy of your own brown-shirt like efforts (New Black panther thugs let off the hook by Holder, Code Pink, SEIU and ACORN vigorously disrupting free speech; and just try to give a speech offending the Left on our academically "free" campuses?). Now this explicit effort to have Americans, who happen to disagree with the current people in charge, inform on other Americans to this email address. You all have no shame.

Is anything more certain than if Bush called for this fascist surveillance that the liberal press from the New York Times to the network news to a smirking Jon Stewart (for about 3 weeks straight along with out of context clips) would have skewered him at witch-burning levels even they had not reached, and congressional democrats would have been so apoplectic you'd have seen Nancy Pelosi's face move? Bush asked to have DANGEROUS behavior reported, not dissenting behavior, and you all wanted him impeached.

So, I am a small fish, but a few thousand people read and commented on this essay I've attached a link to... And I've copied them all.

Please print the essay. Read it and learn something and stop your attempted coup d'etat of our free system that will lead to pain and suffering for all the people, but power for yourselves, so I understand giving it up may be tough for you.

If not convinced, roll up the essay, stick it where the collectivist sun does not shine, and then put your name on the waiting list to see the government provided "free" proctologist in 6-12 months. It will give you some small insight into how the American tax-payer feels.

The existence of this monitoring and “informing on thy neighbor” effort is embarrassing to America.

Mr. Obama, tear down this firewall (firewall makes no sense here but the pentameter is beautiful and it's vaguely related to the internet).

- Cliff Asness

Via: Zero Hedge.

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