Sunday, August 09, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Are you paying attention now?

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Are you paying attention now?: Greenroom
An Inconvenient Truth About The "Death Panel": LegalIns
Nancy and the Astroturfers: LATL

Nancy's 'Nazis': AT (Lewis)
ACORN, Union Thugs Ruffle Feathers At Town Halls: 760 KFMB
GA: Democrat yells at local doctor over health care: Times


The Secret Side of David Axelrod: BizWk (3/14/2008)
The History of the Stock Market: Mint
The SEIU's 'Investments': Atlas

Climate & Energy

Lawmakers' Global-Warming Trip Hits All The Tourist Hot Spots: WSJ
Environmental Costs of the Auto Bailout: Instapundit


Disinformation: FreeLight
Dobbs vs Olbermann: Lou Takes the Gloves Off!: OlbyWatch
White House collection of 'fishy' info may be illegal: Fox

John Dingell (D-MI): "Healthcare Bill Won't Fund Abortions." AP: "Oh, Yes It Will!": BlogProf
OzyBama Will Meet The Same Fate: Kesler
Mark Levin: Obama Should be "Held Accountable" if Anti-ObamaCare Protesters are Harmed: FreeLight

Remember when protest was patriotic?: Reynolds
SOS: Cold Fury


What to expect from Obama's dentist office: Kesler
The Chutzpah of the NJDC: PJM (Benoit)
Prospects dim for Obama's Mexican firearms treaty: Times

Gilder Throws Down a Gauntlet: The Israel Test: RCP (Charen)
Honduras has won: IBD


Tough material, 1 atom thick, has scientists abuzz: Times-Dispatch
NBA star's Twitter ID crisis rebounds on him and the site: CNet
Carrier Wars: Sprint speed test results: BGR


Posters: Do Not Spread Fishy Rumors: Cube
Spinning out of control: ATO
Mine Fuhrer: AmDig

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