Friday, August 14, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Axelrod's 'Viral' Email

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AstroTurfing Dirty Tricks, Non-Existent Town Halls: Ace
Obama and the Permanent Campaign: Rove
Boxer's Book Signings: a Bold, New Forum: Hewitt

The health care battle and the ghost of Terry Schiavo: McLaughlin
Axelrod's 'Viral' Email: Ace
Why is Harry Reid chuckling?: Power Line

Rising opposition against Democrat health care takeover: GOPleader
My OFA Adventure: PJM (Blumer)
Fake Dem Doctor and Unhinged Che Fan Redux: GWP


The IRS: The New Health Care Enforcer: LegalIns
Granholm cure for MI woes: $1B in new taxes: BlogProf
Tax Withholding Is Bad for Democracy: WSJ

Regions Financial's $22.8 Billion Dollar Sink Hole: Zero Hedge
Transparency! Obama Refuses to Release Clunker Sales Data: JWF
Tort Reform Lowers Costs. So Why Isn't It in Obamacare?: PJM (Benoit)

Climate & Energy

Australian Senate defeats Cap-and-Trade: AT (Lifson)
Debbie Stabenow Has 6th Sense For Global Warming: "I feel it when I'm flying": BlogProf


Obama Behind Beck Boycott: Atlas
Fairness Doctrine Raises Its Ugly Head Under New FCC “Diversity Czar”: Greenroom
'Yale's New Motto: Cowardice and Surrender': Corner

Major Garrett slams Spokes-Idiot Robert Gibbs: Atlas
More Cramer BS: Denninger
Town Hall Outrage and Media Cooperation: AT (Tate)


Muslims, Arabs among J Street donors: JPost
Former KGB officer: U.S. President raised on our lies: PJM (Atbashian)
The Saddam Hussein/Al-Qaeda Relationship: PJM (Eichenlaub)


Palin slams Obama on existence of 'Death Panel': BlogProf
Palin target Zeke Emanuel backs off care rationing: Times
Dirty Secret #1 in Obamacare: Norris


Alleged Discovery of ‘Real’ Mt. Sinai Could Change Middle East Forever: PJM (Mauro)
Calling for Pizza in 2012: MoneyRunner

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