Saturday, August 01, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats hiding from their constituents

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Corrupt Birds of a Feather: Malkin
New Clues in AmeriCorps IG Scandal: York
Hiding from their constituents: Ace

Obamacare could kill AARP: Tapscott
Obama's Amateurism and Incompetence: Sowell
Cutting Costs, Costing Lives: FreedomEden

Sgt. Lashley's letter to Gates: CNN (Vid)
Beware Throat-Stamping Liberals: LegalIns
Pretending they read the bill: Pundette

Child Barbarians in Phoenix: PJM (Chesler)
What To Ask Your Congressperson About Obamacare (Part 6): AT (Cary)

Climate & Energy

A Tree's Right to Sue: Corner
On Climate, Comedy, Copyrights, and Cinematography: Watts
ACS Editor accused of censoring articles that reject AGW: Depot

Another study debunks global warming claims: Examiner


Repeal stimulus and apologize for the waste: Tapscott
Waxman: Hey, You Know What Kind of Economic Intervention Always Works Like Gangbusters with No Unintended Consequences? Price Controls: Ace
Rep. Weiner (D) Says ObamaCare Will Lower Taxes; Committee Erupts In Laughter: HAP (Vid)


Teaching Paul Krugman: Wizbang
NBC, Malkin & Lauer: Blatt
Presidential Body Language: Mommy Life

Sharpton vs. Coulter: RCP
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell says Obamacare foes 'dont know what's good for them': BlogProf (Vid)
How the Left Hijacks Art (and Everything Else) for the Good of Mankind: BigHoll (Winecoff)


Why Israel Is Nervous: WSJ
Thousands gather in London to discuss creating a new Caliphate: Hizb ut-Tahrir


Mysterious high tides perplex scientists: Instapundit
Apple iPhone SMS Vulnerability: LGF


Cute little animals that can kill you: Cracked
Life in the USA, 1930-1950: IZI
Palin Pic o' the Day: PatRoom

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