Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Dems see phony health bill outrage

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Issa goes Rahm-bo on Rahm: Malkin
The Chicago-Alaska Mafia is on the run: PICB
Just plain reckless: Parkway Rest Stop

Democrats: health bill outrage is 'phony', 'astroturf': Times
ABC: White House trying to silence regulators: MereRhet
Detroit Dems campaign where they say the GOP can't: Church: BlogProf

That was then, this is now: BrutHon
'Countrywide Chris' Dodd: Human Events
Four Steps to Save Health Care: Morris


Schwarzenegger Finally Learns: Freedom is Profitable: PJM (Hawkins)
ROFL! FDIC "Tells Banks" To Quit Cooking The Books!: Denninger
The Madness of King Barack I: Velociworld

Climate & Energy

'Consensus takes another hit as 60 German scientists dissent: Depot
Opposing cap-and-trade is not “treason against the planet.”: PJM (Tipler)
“[The Waxman-Markey] 1,400-page bill is a farce.": Watts

Government report: Climate bill will kill jobs, double household energy costs: Times


The White House vs. Drudge: Provocateur
Mark Levin lets it rip: Maggie's Farm
Why so serious?: Driscoll

Why Most Journalists Are Democrats: A View from the Soviet Socialist Trenches: Psychology Today


Mary Robinson, Enemy of Freedom: Power Line
Obama's Crusade Against Israel: PJM (Dann)
"Moderate" Palestinian Leaders Pocket US Engagement, Demand Arab States Continue War With Israel.: MereRhet

Don't Forget Honduras: LegalIns
Obama Administration Recognizes Ahmadinejad as President: Rubin


Pentagon reviews policy on social networking sites: CNN


Crisis of Confidence: America's Government Losing Faith in Out-of-Touch Constituents: IowaHawk
Video: Obama Debunks Birth Certificate Conspiracy: LGF
Nine Political Icons: Chambodia

Onion: U.S. Government Stages Fake Coup to Wipe Out Debt: LGF
Get yer Obama Joker swag: Wizbang

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