Saturday, August 08, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Extremists Beat Black Man at Town Hall Meeting

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'Non-responsive' DOJ pressed again on Panthers case: Times

SEIU thugs teach protesters the 'Chicago Way' of politics: PJM (Hoft)


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The Truth Behind the BLS Report: Zero Hedge
People Are Trading In Their "Clunkers" For Green Friendly Cars SUVs And Trucks: Ace
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Climate & Energy

CO2 is 'Plant Food': 'those who want to reduce use of fossil fuels are mortal enemies of the biosphere' -- 'This is a profoundly evil act': PJM


New FCC 'Chief Diversity Officer' Co-Wrote Liberal Group's 'Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio: NewsBusters
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AP sugarcoats unemployment number: BlogProf
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Zombies beware!: Lamb


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Free Kian Tajbakhsh: LegalIns


Nikon raises curtain on Coolpix camera with built-in projector: Yahoo! Tech


The Few... The Proud... The Salesmen: YouTube
Grandma Got Run Over: Amaze
From Hope to Dope: Another Obama Poster Dispute: PDN

"We are witnessing something terribly ugly in America this summer. Obama is leading a campaign to shift our peaceful democratic process away from civil discussions of programs and candidates to using the power of the state to bully those who oppose the majority party's policy proposals. The threat may be as subtle as the fear of being reported by a neighborhood informant to the White House, or as overt as stick-wielding union toughs who might not approve of the way you ask your congressman a question.

During his campaign last year, the president famously told his supporters to "get in the faces" of those who disagreed with his vision for America. One of his Chicago mentors recalled in a 2007 New Republic profile that Obama, as a community organizer, was "the best student he ever had, a natural, the undisputed master of agitation" to gain political power. Sadly, now that he has it, he is turning it against those who oppose him." -- Mark Tapscott

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