Monday, August 10, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Palin's 'Death Panel'

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Democrats continue 'listening' tour: GWP
Community organizer: “Get in their face”: Surber
Congress is playing us for fools: MYODBP

Our Unconstitutional Census: WSJ
Palin's 'Death Panel' remark: AT (Feldman)
Obama as Wizard of Oz: AT (Lewis)

Michigan crowd vents health care fury: Times
Don't fret your 'fishy' complaints about health care reform: PJM (Feldman)
Pelosi/Hoyer - Obamacare Protesters "Un-American": CF

An Inconvenient Truth About The "Death Panel": LegalIns


The Exploding Cost of ObamaCare: WSJ
Fannie Mae: We have $900 billion in troubled loans: Zero Hedge
The Wheel of Misfortune: PJM

Cash for Clunkers Driving Up Prices: LegalIns
Killing it (private health insurance) softly: Times
Cash for Clunkers Bust: Riehl

Climate & Energy

Long debate ended over cause, demise of ice ages: Science
Climate data: top secret!: PJM (Tipler)


Clinically insane commentator compares protestors to Hezbollah: GWP
Mitch Albom Dissected: BlogProf
Cynthia Tucker At MSNBC: 45-65% Of Townhall Protesters Are Racists: BlogProf


There is a military option for Iran: WSJ
Analysis: Arab States 'Just Say No' to Normalization: Spyer
Just in time for Cuba's toilet paper shortage: Prairie

Chávez: Israeli Foreign Minister “a thug”, claims Colombia is ready to attack Venezuela: Fausta


The education of a Nigerian in Georgia: PJM (Shelton)

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