Sunday, August 02, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: 'We will not be silent!'

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Seniors rightfully terrified of Obamacare: Provocateur
Eric Holder's Justice Department: WklyStd (Rubin)
The Aggressor State: Doc Zero

What's a little pain?: Hewitt
Government health care would be wrong even if it “controlled costs”: Steyn
5 panels work on 5 different health plans: Times

Had voters known then what they know now: PJM (Rubin)
The End Game of the Left: AT (Thomas)
Democrats Want Government Care For You, Not Them: GOP E&C

"We will not be silent!: FreeLight
Fred Interviews Betsy McCoy on Health Care: AFA (MP3)


Feds to Manipulate Econ Data?: Wizbang
Michigan's Population Exodus: AIP (Priestap)
Obama Joker Posters Popping Up in L.A.: NewsBusters

Rep. Taylor (D): Anti-Taxers Are "Scum": Riehl
A successful week for Treasury?: Zero Hedge
Cash for Clunkers Program: $45K per Vehicle?: Seeking Alpha

GAAP Fetishism: TigerHawk
ACORN's Rathke: Dragging America Into Socialism: HyScience

Climate & Energy

$60 billion for Zero "Green Jobs": Moonbattery
Real Melting: Climate Alarmism in Cali: Green Hell


Year Ago GDP Jump 'Disappointing'; This Year GDP Drop: 'Whole Lot Brighter': NewsBusters
Democrats: the American people are rubes, therefore we'll blame Bush: Greenroom
Are The Top Journalists Insiders Or Outsiders?: Rasmussen

ABC’s Stossel Slams Socialized Medicine, Highlights Obama's Single Payer Preference: NewsBusters
Media attacks but Palin says divorce gossip false: Spectator
Andy McCarthy: You Know, Demanding Obama's Birth Certficate Isn't So Crazy: Ace


An Artery of Opium a Vein of Taliban: Yon
The Slaves of Abu Dhabi: Guardian (UK)
Six Christians killed in Pakistan over Koran 'insult': AFP

Venezuela shuts down 34 radio and TV stations: Fausta
Jawa owns Taliban: Again: Jawa
'Human Rights' Groups Mourn Islamist Mass Murderer: Odysseus


Skype Shutdown Possible?: Riehl
Vortex Cannon Makes Hay: ViralFootage


Ray Charles: Exurban
Spelling Fail: FailBlog

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