Thursday, October 08, 2009

Congressional Lost & Found

Can you help return these items to their rightful owners? They were found in the Capitol:

FOUND: On the Republican Side of the Aisle

"GI Joe" Force RECON Marine

"GI Joe" Force RECON Marine Includes: USA flag; belt-fed, man-portable automatic weapon; Javelin anti-tank weapon; NATO-style back-back; M1911 .45 caliber sidearm and nine spare magazines.

FOUND: On the Democratic side of the Aisle

"GI Jacques" French-speaking UN Soldier

"GI Jacques" French-speaking UN Soldier Includes: Guide book ("How to Surrender in 44 Languages including Arabic and Farsi"), white flag, laminated pinup photograph of Yassar Arafat and extra pair of underwear.

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