Saturday, October 10, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: A.G. Holder, ACORN, and the New Black Panthers

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Farce Repeats Itself As History: LegalIns
The A.G., ACORN, and the New Black Panthers: Patterico
State AG Subpoenas ACORN Bank Records: WDSU

ACORN official points fingers, avoids blame: Examiner
Flag ban in Oregon: Surber
How ACORN hides behind fake names: STACLU

Watching the Constitution disappear: AT
Twittering the Constitution: WklyStd
DNC: mock Obama's Nobel, side with the terrorists: BlogProf

Post-racial America: Patterico
'Safe Schools Czar' Wrote Forward to Pedophilia Book: GWP
Charter School versus Teachers Union: JWF


The Dollar-Weighted Stock Market: TigerHawk
CBO: tort reform cuts deficit: Times
Baucus Bill Would Cost More than $2 Trillion: Cato

Byrd earmarks non-existent company: Surber
Jobs? Let them Eat Cake: Punky
Broken Dreams: S,C&A

Health-Care Industry Surprised To Find Out Costs Of ObamaCare: Aces
It's Almost Like They're Trying to Destroy What's Left...: CrazyUnk


The intellectual case for conservatism and freedom: Classic Liberal
Hammer: Liberal Ascendancy Set Us On Course for Decline: GWP
CBS: Is This a "Mission Accomplished" Moment?: Ace

Don't laugh: he won it fair and square: Tobin

Climate & Energy

UN pulls hockey stock from climate report: Watts


Obama did not want to “spoil the image of success”: Fausta
Who Came in Second?: Ace
Nobel Appease Prize: Big Dog

‘Mass Slaughter Is a Systemic Problem of the Modern World’: S,C&A
Obama, Afghanistan and the Nobel: AT
French Nuke Engineer Arrested in Al Qaeda Case: Atlas

President Obama, turn down the Nobel Peace Prize: MYODB
We Must Credit Obama for His Accomplishments: Geraghty
'Insha'Allah': Obama Nobel Emboldens Enemy Alliance: AmPower

Crazy Canadians favor using taxpayer funds to bail out struggling newspapers: McClatchy Watch


Mixed signals for the jolly set: SondraK
Cyberthieves find workplace networks are easy pickings: USA Today


Something Wonderful: American Digest
This Just In: Taxman
Candid Camera Gone Horribly Wrong: SondraK

Membership Has Its Privileges: IowaHawk
Breaking News: InstaPundit

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