Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: The AMA Endorses Largest Denier of Health Claims

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State AG: Rathke Embezzled $5 Million From ACORN: BigGov
Harry "This War Is Lost" Reid Questions GOP Patriotism: Power Line
Jones' Worrisome Ties: AT (Lasky)

AMA Endorses Largest Denier of Health Claims: BigGov
Nobel Awards and the Best Health Care in the World: Surber
Obama and the Doctors: Adrienne

Coulter Destroys the Infant Mortality Canard: TigerHawk
US Radicals 1 Margarida Jorge : New Zeal
Brzezinski: A voice better off ignored: Gormogons

President Obama Plans to Revive Public Option: Verum
'Our voter registration system is a disaster': Times (Blackwell)
Philly politics is Einsteinian insanity: It's time for 2-party rule: Philly

Treating poor blacks as victims to be "organized": AT (Jackson)


Perfect: Democrats plan expansion of CRA: Fausta
Scary: Dinocrat
Use Halloween as a Teachable Moment: BMW

A Poisonous Cocktail: Forbes
How taxes pervert our energy choices: AT (Somsel)
Tea Party Protest erupts as Bawney Fwank visits Michigan: BlogProf


Consumer Reports' Specious Stand On Health Care Reform: LegalIns
How Dominant is Fox News? This Dominant: JWF
HuffPo fantasyland: Murdoch to fire Beck: JWF

Crikeys: CNN Feels Obliged to "Fact Check" SNL's Obama Skit: Ace
Another day, another left-wing, media-sponsored smear job: Ace
Just Act: a Response to Will Ferrell: BigGov

Climate & Energy

Graph of the Day: AT (Hoven)
Climate bill backers quit Chamber of Commerce: Times
The Climate Treaty That Rewards African Despots: AT (Gee)


After Bringing Victory to Iraq -- Obama Pushes Petraeus Aside in Afghanistan: GWP
Lose Afghanistan, Lose Pakistan, Lose Iran, Lose It All: AT (Lewis)
Figures: Team Obama Champions UN Resolution That Protects Radical Islam, Restricts Freedom of Speech: GWP

Chaos-istan: Crittenden
I think quoting Obama is unfair!: JOM
Israel and the Arab World, in U.N. statistics: AT

Israel and the Defense of Civilization: OneCosmos
For the first time since '91, a President snubs the Dalai Lama to curry favor with the Chinese: GWP
Obama's Pal Zelaya: Racist Nutjob: GWP


Rooms with Views: Portrait of the International Space Station: AmerDig
Americans Least Happy in Their 50s and Late 80s: Gallup


Why God Made Moms: Krites
Mensa's got a new chapter president: Ace
More on the differences between conservatives and liberals: Tackett

Inside the War Room: Atlas

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