Friday, October 09, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - CONFIRMED

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WTF?? Obama Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize?: Riehl
One Page: GOP Consensus Bill For Health Reform: Ace
Fraudulent Art in the White House?: Snapped Shot

Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass Obamacare - CONFIRMED: Foundry
Dems to start funding ACORN in November: GWP
Corzine: I suck as governor, but Christie is fat: BlogProf

The Victimhood Hierarchy -or- Leftist Food Chain: Sanity
You can stop a Pelosi Democrat on November 3rd!: Riehl
Corzine's Hilarious Ethnic Jokes: NRO

Obama’s health care writer turns on Obamacare: Surber


Pelosi 2003: "Where are the jobs, Mr. President?": Wizbang
Sound Banking: a Capitalist Imperative: Denninger
Baucus Fantasy Plan: Sharp Increase in Taxes: GWP

Obama's Stimulus for Unions: STACLU
We Are Now the Biggest Keynesians in the World: Corner
Spending a trillion to save billions: Surber

How The Fate Of The Equity Market Lies In A $8,000 Tax Credit: ZeroHedge
Baucus fantasy plan to result in dramatically higher taxes: GWP


White House vows to fight back against media: JWF
Gateway Pundit had a very good September: GWP
CBS: Deficit, Passive-Voice, Tripled from 2008 to 2009, Apparently Without Human Intervention: Ace

Art, imitation, and the Obamas: Malkin
Pro-Abortion Olbermann: How can we not be unified against death?: BlogProf

“Safe School Czar” Backs Teaching Gay Sex Acts To Kids: GrandRants

Climate & Energy

Today's proof of global warming: Surber


Excuse Mongering Again: Rubin
Genius: Captain Wonderful's New Solution for Afghanistan Has 7% Percent Support: Ace
We knew about Qom since 2006: Rubin

Broken Arm? NHS will fix it in 10 months. Maybe: Surber
Fiasco: Authors of the 2007 Iran NIE have some explaining to do: WSJ


Pocket Nukes: JWF
The bra that doubles as a gas mask: HappyHosp
Honda Chief: "Hyundai is awesome.": AutoBlog


Daily Scoreboard: Surber
A Bold and Modern White House: Crittenden

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