Thursday, October 15, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Dem economist admits private health care is doomed

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Robert Reich: America is addicted to fantasy: PJM
Obama Census Workers to Ignore Immigration Status: GWP
Moderate Poison: Doc Zero

Dem economist admits private plans doomed: BizzyBlog
Al Sharpton for NFL Commissioner: LegalIns
Canadians against ObamaCare: Hot Air

Keep Michelle Bachmann in Congress: Power Line
Geithner aides make bank: where's the Pay Czar?: S&L
Ohio State Student Group Hosts Hamas Fundraiser: PJM

U.S. troop funds diverted to pet projects: Times
Bachmann on Fiah: SondraK
CBullitt responds to hate speech bill (NSFW): Soylent Green


Let the Red States secede from Health Care?: Ace
Architects of Ruin, the Podcast: Power Line
Protection against hyperinflation: MoneyRunner

Cutting Union Members' Own Throats: AT
Public Sector Benefits Most from Stimulus: S&L


Who's Behind the White House War on Fox News?: Malkin
New Entry in 'Strap-On' Olbermann's Misogyny Hall of Shame: Strap-on Watch
This is what a “big mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” looks like: Malkin

Gee, I smell a pattern: conservative WSJ now most popular paper: GWP
Video: Chris Matthews: 'I want to watch Rush Limbaugh's head explode from injection of compressed greenhouse gas': BlogProf
NFL's problem isn't Limbaugh: BMW

MSNBC: Your 'Go to' Channel for Hate: Wizbang
Robert Greenwald's Latest Vicious Smear Campaign: Verum Serum
Beck skewers L. Goober "Cap-n-Tax" Graham: GWP

Climate & Energy

CBO says Climate Bill will hurt, not help, the economy: AT
2009: the year the media lost faith in man-made global warming: Depot
Your 'Oh, S***' Moment Du Jour: JOM


He Cuts Quite a Figure, Part One: Power Line
Dem Leaders Now Coordinating With European Socialists In Bid for "Global New Deal": GWP
Single-Payer Hell: British NHS kills grandfather anyway after he beat cancer: BlogProf

Ouster of Honduran Chavez-Wannabe Was Constitutional and Lawful, Finds... UN Study: Ace
The Infamous Firing Squads: The Real Cuba
CAIR ridicule 'Muslim Spies' claim in Congress: BNI

Stratfor on the Nobel: TigerHawk
Historic Suckupness, Poor Judgment: Crittenden


Inside the Predator's War on Terror: PJM
Acer unveils Android-based 'Liquid' A1: RegHW


BAMOPOLY! Is there a game plan?: American Digest
Separated at Birth: SondraK

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