Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats vote to curtail free speech

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Democrats vote to curtail free speech: Power Line
L. Goober Graham heckled at Town Hall: Hot Air
What is and isn't acceptable in the NFL: Corner

Dems to allow free speech, so long as it's 'prudent': Ace
'Toughest sheriff' vows face-off with feds over illegals: Times
MIT Professor Rebuts His Rebuttal: Kesler

Obama Advisor: "We're Going To Let You Die": BlogProf
The Roots of the Obamas' Contempt: PJM
Gay Community Increasingly at Odds with Democrats: PJM


Obama's real vision of change: expand welfare state: AT
Study Leaked: Stimulus Saved Government Jobs: Patterico
Is there really a recovery on the horizon?: AT

How Democrats Deceived CBO to "Reduce the Deficit": Ace
Rigging the Economy in the Name of 'Fairness': PJM
Taxpayer Dollars Snoweing On Maine: Kesler


"The Obama administration is dangerous to press freedom.": Surber
Made-up Limbaugh Quotes: Driscoll
Chris Matthews daydreams about killing Rush Limbaugh: Hot Air

Racism Watch at MSNBC: Ace
Obama vs. Pajama: Kaus
Bill Whittle Video: Throw the Bums Out: InstaPundit

MSNBC Uses Former Writer for Communist Party Website to Slander Rush: GWP
Obamalatio Watch: Lamest Collection of "Reasons" for Obama's Nobel Yet: AmDig
Nutjob Russell Simmons: God will destroy us if we don't follow Obama: GWP

Psychology Today: "Will Blacks play football for Massah Limbaugh?": LegalIns
Dems undermine free speech in hate crimes ploy: Examiner (York)

Climate & Energy

Excuses for Lack of Global Warming: AT
Three Decades of Global Cooling: IBD


Khameini Said to Be in Coma: Ledeen
Report: Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei Said to Be in Coma: GWP
U.S. Navy raids a german freighter: Surber

Smart Power: Russia Really Not Interested In Sanctions On Iran: Ace
Turns Out Obama Doesn’t Want Sanctions Anyway: Commentary
Palestinian Apartheid Policies: Prairie

Afghanistan Revisited: GM's Place
A Strange New Respect for our Afghan Policy: Power Line
Off the Face of the Earth: Aish

Videos: What Canadians Want You To Know About Their Healthcare System: BlogProf
The Nobel Peace Prize is Not America’s Prize, it’s the anti-America Prize: MoneyRunner


H1N1 -- Up Close and Personal: Verum Serum
How A Football Player Used Twitter To Make Me Like Him: Tremendous
Microsoft Reboots: Fortune

What ever you do, don't let the streams cross!: InstaPundit
Dyson invents the bladeless fan: BSD


Ain't gonna treat your heart no longer: Grand Rants
InstaPundit meets the Easter Bunny: InstaPundit

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