Monday, October 05, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: "Two big accomplishments -- jack and squat"

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Does Obama have the votes for health care reform?: PJM (Baehr)
Who Are These People And Where Did They Come From?: Hewitt
Compare BaucusCare vs. CongressionalCare: Pundette

'Neutral' Consumer Reports runs Obamacare ads!: BlogProf
Pentagon auditor deemed serial failure: Times
The Mae West Presidency: Sensing

Undermining the insurance industry by stealth: TigerHawk
New Yorkers: Boycott the Mayoral Vote!: TAB
Grayson and the ADL: Moe Lane

Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Polanski's Sock Puppets and Me: Patterico
A Highway Separates Patriots, Public Option Backers: BMW

Obama's White House ACORN Operative Fined $775,000 For Election Violations: Used Rapists, Burglars in Door-to-Door Registration Drives: GWP


Live Blogging the Defending The American Dream Summit: Wizbang
Bank Failures To Cost $100B In 18 Months: S&L
Chicago dodged a bullet: Ace

Study: Bernanke, Paulson misled public on bailouts: Times


Feelgood polling news for the antique media: AT (Lifson)
Even SNL is ripping the President of Chicago: Ace
Brain-dead conservatives? No, it’s the elitist critics at room temperature: Examiner

An Honest Liberal Times Columnist?: Corner
The Places Stephen Walt Goes: Commentary
Liberal Media Hypocrisy Test: Aces

"I had to answer 'no' because I get all my news from The New York Times": Power Line
Jackson Diehl's Epic Fail: PJM (Belmont)
The conservative elites are an anachronism: Examiner

Frank Rich shocked to find lobbying in the Obama administration: LegalIns
White House Has A Bad Case Of Glenn Beck Derangement Syndrome: BlogProf
Janeane Garofalo: So infinitely superior to you, she doesn't even need evidence: RSM

Climate & Energy

Administration Admits: Cap-and-Trade Will Be Far More Expensive Than Advertised: GWP


All of a Sudden, Iran: Dinocrat
British Foreign Secretary to Obama: Quit Voting Present on Afghanistan: GWP
Buying into Iran's cooperation on nukes: S&L

Sergeant Kept Fighting With Shrapnal In His Head: STACLU
UN's El Baradei: "Israel Is Number One Threat to Middle East": GWP
Something to keep you up nights: Ace

Afghan Tet: Crittenden


Blue Duck Down: Michelle's Mirror
"Two big accomplishments -- jack and squat.": Vanderleun

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