Sunday, October 04, 2009

Larwyn's Linx: Unexpected outgrowths of the Tea Party movement

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Now will Congress investigate ACORN?: Tapscott
Doctors for America and OFA: RBO
Unexpected outgrowths of the Tea Party movement: AT (Marcus)

Obama: Any Real Accomplishments?: Gormogons
The Weatherman who helped author ObamaCare: PJM
Free speech? St. Louis U. bans speaker: Atlas


Nationalizing health care will stimulate the economy?: GWP
The O's violated the three rules of selling: AT (Wright)
Early retirements mean unemployment is worse that 9.8%: Surber

Name Stimulus 2.0: Surber


Hollywood's Moral Compass: Steyn
Where are Obama's old girlfriends?: iSteve
NYT scrubs O-fail article of Prez and Rahm quotes: Weasel Zippers

Why Garafalo's comments are dangerous: JWF
Daily Scoreboard: Surber
Rooting against Terre Haute 2020: LegalIns

Mark Levin and Dennis Miller class up the joint: Treacher

Climate & Energy

People In Climate Denial? Ramp Up The Fear Factor!: STACLU


Will Tiny Israel Save the World?: Anchoress
While Obama slept: AT (White)
America's standing abroad: a political puzzle: AT (Feldman)

Danish news: Obama's arrogance turned off IOC: GWP
Obama helping Putin restitch Iron Curtain: Steyn
Good; maybe the little rat will wipe himself off the map: Fausta

Shariah is the enemy, not Afghanistan: Examiner
Ahmadinejad 10, Obama 0: JWF


Paperback cover of Death from the Skies: Discover
More videos of Letterman mocking others for infidelity: BlogProf

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