Friday, March 12, 2010

The SEIU Is At War With You

Public sector unions are at odds with taxpayers.

Unions came into being to ensure workers received a reasonable share of company profits. But public sector unions serve the opposite purpose: they seek only to rape the taxpayer, because governments don't make profits -- they simply levy taxes.

And now, after decades of abuse, public sector unions' outrageous pension and wage obligations -- far beyond those of the private sector -- are crushing towns, cities, counties and states.

Given the horrible economy, will these taxpayer-funded unions agree to wage cuts? Let's review some headlines from around the world to answer that question.

Greeks return to work as debt crisis looms
Monsters and
Unions from garbage collectors, tax officials and taxi drivers have stepped up protests in recent weeks and the main private and public sector unions...

Union chief upbeat ahead of talks with Government
Ireland Online
General Secretary of IMPACT Peter McLoone says he is upbeat ahead of today's "difficult and challenging" talks on resolving the public-sector pay row....

Council leaders to defy public-sector pay freeze with 6.5% rise
A UNION leader expressed outrage last night after it emerged that most council leaders in Wales have been recommended for a pay rise of more than 6.5%. ...

Public sector pension costs may reach £79bn a year
Neil Walsh, the union's pensions officer, said: "The report makes it clear that public sector pensions are far from being the unsustainable burden on ...

Public sector unions are an anachronism that must be dismantled for this country to survive. But the prognosis, based upon Europe's experience, is decidedly poor unless we take care of business in November.

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