Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pass the popcorn, Nahanni: Schumer and Durbin Fight to Replace Senate Majority Leader Reid, Since Voters Plan on Forcibly Retiring Him in November

When you've lost Time Magazine, Harry, you've just flat out lost.

No one remembers exactly when they started, but there is no doubt that the campaigns for Senate majority leader are raging on Capitol Hill. They have not been formally declared, of course, and for good reason — the position is still filled. But as Harry Reid's November re-election has looked increasingly imperiled, his two top deputies in the Senate have become more overt in their quests for his job. And in a Senate that is already near paralyzed by partisan rancor, the two Democrats' maneuverings are threatening to further gum up the works.

Well, if by "gum up", you mean prevent this rogue Congress from further screwing up the country with its unconstitutional power-grabs, well then, I'm all for it.

Either one -- Schmucky Schumer or Little Dick Durbin -- would make a fine leader of the minority Democrats next year; Schumer with his cornrow-style hair-plugs and the other with his infamous halitosis.

And don't you love the smell of virtual napalm on the Democrat side of the aisle?

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