Sunday, April 11, 2010

Al Gore AWOL as China's Pollution Eviscerates the Earth

While Al Gore tries to earn his second billion dollars perpetuating the warmal colding grift in the U.S., China's prolific polluters have somehow escaped his scrutiny.

Half a year ago, a chemical plant in Hunan Liuyang was shut down after a "cadmium pollution" incident began killing off plant life. The event received national attention. Reporter Fang Qianhua visited the site and filed a shocking report illustrating the ravaging effects on local agriculture.

July of this year my partner Yang Xiaohong and I went to Liuyang in Hunan province together to cover the incident of cadmium pollution.

Centered at Xianghe chemical factory which was the source of the cadmium pollution, the fields within 1.5 kilo-meter radius were seriously polluted with cadmium.

At the time, the amount of the cadmium content in majority of the villagers’ body seriously exceeded the standard level.

Some of them were very young babies. Apart from this, large tracts of contaminated farmland and crops were too horrible to look at.

Those once familiar fruits and vegetables in the field became grotesque and disfigured beyond recognition, making people feel nausea and fearful when looking at them.

November of this year I once again returned back to the polluted areas to investigate and found many farmland were deserted, rarely seen crops.

However after walked through many villages we could still see some remaining fruits and vegetables in the corners of the deserted fields.

Because they were never cleared away, after a few months of pollution they have become more deformed, more shocking.

In order to find crops suitable for the photo shoot, I went there 4 times to couple of the villages to look for those polluted vegetables. To me, these deformed and sick fruits and vegetables are like a group of special patients.

Al Gore, Henry Waxman, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were unavailable for comment as they were jetting about the country drumming up support for increased Statism.

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Nahanni said...

Of course he is AWOL. All this "Global Warming" bullcrap has always been just another attempt to install Marxist/Maoist agenda in the free west and the Anglosphere and loot them to "redistribute the wealth" to their fellow Marxists and Maoists.

The Kyoto treaty states that China and India are exempted from all pollution controls under it-that fact alone told me that the whole "global warming" BS was NOT about "saving Gaia".

As for the Rev. Al Gore he certainly has done very well with his "Church of Gaia" cult. He has gotten filthy rich off of it. He and L. Ron Hubbard are birds of a feather.