Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Obama Omen

For a man fixated on the trappings of power -- to the point that he used a faux presidential seal during his campaign -- this had to be a tad discomfiting.

Barack Obama looks for the presidential seal after it falls off his podium at Fortune magazine's Most Powerful Women summit.

Dan from New York adds, "After less than two years, his empire is crumbling. Video proof here."


The_Bad said...

As democrats jump ship from the Obama agenda, apparently so too does the official seal. I can hardly think of a more apt symbol of this administration than the presidential seal leaping from the podium.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving fool.

Of course, let's hope the Democrats have finally done themselves in, as in the form of the old Whig burial.

DNC TITANIC is sinking us all, let's hope they actually go down to the bottom and never resurface - ever again.