Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Yes, We Can Repeal

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Yes, We Can Repeal: AT
We Need Confrontation and Resolution on Socialism: Ace
The Most Endangered Senate Seats of 2012: PJM

Sleazy Maxine Waters Ensnared in Brand New Scandal: RWN
Rove's Water Boy Strikes Again: Malkin
For the ACLU, some causes are more right than others: PJM


All or Nothing: Stop the Obama Tax Increases: Malkin
Big Labor May Still Reap Benefits Despite Election Losses: Forbes
Smash the Union Thugocracy: Morris

Palin Schools Idiotic Journal Reporter: Ace
The real world impact of just one regulation: RWN
Nancy Pelosi -- Parties While Rome Burns: Simon

Soros Bets on U.S. Financial Collapse: AIM
Enjoy the Good Times While They Last : Barron's
Big Nanny Bloomberg wants government fashion jobs: Malkin

Climate & Energy

AGU backs away from “climate rapid response team” citing faulty reporting: WUWT
The AGW Cult Is On the Run: RWN


Top 10 Statements from Pres. Obama's '60 Minutes' Interview: FoxNation
Total Number of Anti-Pelosi Ads Aired During Midterm Election Cycle: 161,203: WZ
PBS Nut: Palin Quitting As Governor Like Kennedy Killing Kopechne At Chappaquiddick: BlogProf

Los Angeles Times Slurs Geert Wilders Case as 'Hate Trial': AmPower
NPR Chief Changes Her Tune… Now Says Defunding NPR Would Be Devastating: GWP
Why I am a fascist (according to my liberal friend): RWN

Mark Levin grills Alaska Lt Gov over Write-In Ballots: RightScoop
White House: Obama Conducting Reign of Terror: OpinionMaker
White House Insider: " Temporary Insanity ": NewsFlavor


De Facto Sharia Law in America: AT
Saddest Letter Ever From One of Our Military Vets: RWN
Hard-Line Islamic Groups React to Obama’s Indonesia Visit: PJM

G20 Rulers Push for Global Socialism: RWN
Obama Remembers Mumbai Massacre; Forgets Ft. Hood First Anniversary: BigPeace
Change!… Obama Acknowledges Decline of US Dominance During Town Hall in India: GWP

Federal Court Blocks Oklahoma Ban on Sharia Law: Ace
Obama blows India’s mind with insane teleprompter skills: Hot Air
Saudi Man Gets Five-Year Prison Term, 500 Lashes for Gay Sex: Bloomberg


How We Used a Python Script to Find Our Domain Name, “Yipit”: Mediaite
Directly Downwind, Faster Than the Wind: Ace
Public carbon trading dead in the USA: WUWT


Obama Pity Party FAIL: WZ
Meat -- It's What We Eat: Ace
Something Wonderful: The Gettysburg Address: AmDigest

Grief Counselors Help Dem Staffers Work Through Their Loss: Malkin
More on Exit Polling: Ace
Here's what I saw, make of it what you will: Zilla

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Zilla said...

Thanks for adding my Zilla blog post to your amazing link fest!

Anonymous said...


Here is one for debate, which is why I truly think AllahPUNDIT could do so much better at HA:

Christie Targeted by Obama DOJ

See AllahPundit assumes this is genuine, not even mentioning this is the OBAMA DOJ. Also, this was referenced long ago by the Democrats and Corzine, and it wasn't truly credible. Christie not only had a good explanation, it isn't a violation of the law.

This is the Democrats exploiting the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, while they ignore Rangel, Waters, Pelosi, Clinton, the Black Panthers, etc.

But Allah should know better, and reference it. This report does not even identify Christie directly, and the Obama DOJ keeps all the others secret?


Anonymous said...

Here is another link regarding the Hockey Mom Celebrity's Reality TV Show:

"So what does Sarah Palin hope to achieve through this program? (Besides, of course, the rumored $1 million per episode in pay?)

1 MILLION an episode?

Oh my...

You betcha.