Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Simple, Two-Color Pie-Chart That Perfectly Illustrates the Fiscal Suicide of the United States of America

Democrats can blame Bush, Greenspan, Reagan, Millard Fillmore and James Madison. But this year's deficit is on their heads alone.

Karl Denninger is using this chart to speak some truth to power: in a nutshell, the Democrats' era of vast unfunded, unconstitutional social engineering experiments -- Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Education, the Department of Labor and hundreds of other bureaucracies -- is drawing to a close, like it or not.

The Pelosi-Obama-Reid Democrats just hastened their demise.

And don't blink, but given Bernanke's QE2, the end may come quicker than any of us can possibly imagine. The only choice is to slash the government -- slash it wide and deep as fast as possible. The pie-chart doesn't lie.


Anonymous said...

Sure, why don't you be the poster child of this new belt tightening and publicly vow not to have the government spend one red cent on you via these burdensome and 'unconstitutiona'l programs like social security. You do have the option not to benefit from these programs as you can donate the money to reducing the Federal deficit. I mean, that is what people on the right said the wealthy could do when they said they didn't feel they were paying their fair share in taxes.

Unknown said...

hey libtard dipweed, (aka anonymous comment 1 above) how bout you put up or shut up on the taxes bit and fork over your own 401K and %100 of your next 12 months wages. instead of selling out my kids and grandkids for bogus 'hope and change'

or better yet show your solidarity with the planet and go hang yourself with your own intestines.

yeah, over the top and sure to be moderator chow, but hey. i sure feel better.

Anonymous said...

What you mean social security is unfunded?They have taken 15% of my pay for 40 years.Know what that would be in a private investment?

directorblue said...


Assuming that's a serious question, they spent all your money. There is no "trust fund". It went into the general revenue fund and went right out the door on 99-weeks of unemployment insurance and regulating bake sales.