Monday, January 10, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Disgusting Partisanship on Display After Shooting

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Giffords Shooting

Disgusting Partisanship on Display After Shooting: Ace
The Arizona Tragedy and the Politics of Blood Libel : Reynolds
Dem Linda Lopez Owes Americans an Apology: HillBuzz

Text of DHS Memo on AZ Shooting: RSM
AZ Sheriff Unsure Why Shooter Acted, But Pretty Sure GOP Involved: Ace
Shooter's Online Suicide Note?: ProWis

'Climate of hate'--An illustrated primer, 2000-2010: Malkin
Pima County Sheriff Dupnik Denounces Arizona: Moonbattery
Will Ron Bloom Be Held Responsible For AZ Massacre?: Found


Obama--Making It Up as We Go Along: Hanson
Tucson Blame Game: Dems to Push for Gun Control: RWN
Rubio gives a Reaganesque answer on bipartisanship: Cubachi

Why Down Ticket Races Matter: Madison Project
Well, That Didn't Take Long: RWN
Violence, Government Violence, and Anti-Government Rhetoric: Reason


What's so Elite About Elite Universities?: RWN
The Pay-to-Play Score in Illinois: Marathon
Biggest Pension Funds Demand Banks Review Mortgage-gate: ZH

Climate & Energy

Abandon all hope, ye who read this: WUWT
Saving Polar Bears by Killing Them?: RWN


Left and Media (But I Repeat Myself) In a Fact-Free Frenzy to Blame Palin for Giffords Shooting: Patterico
The Censorship of Madmen: HE
A Tragic Shooting in Arizona: GM's Place

The Left, Not the Right, Owns Political Violence: AT
The Shame -- and Hypocrisy -- of CNN: Hot Air
Jared Loughner's college instructor: I was worried he might have a gun in class: WaPo

The Media and the Shooter: RedState
Journalists urged caution after Ft. Hood, now race to blame Palin after Arizona shootings: York
Marx-loving Loughner wanted to kill cops -- Must be a Tea Partier!: GWP

Loughner and the Violent Rhetoric in the "Communist Manifesto": AmSpec
Network Journalists Advance Leftist Wish to Blame Palin (and Tea Party) for Shooting: NewsBusters
The Real Radio Hatemongers: MRC


The Tragedy of Palestinian Democracy: Commentary
Palestinian Terrorists Launch Barrage of Mortar Shells and Qassam Rockets at Southern Israel: WZ
US, Palestinians slam Israeli east Jerusalem move: Maktoob

Lowering the Black Flag of Jihad: GoV
Former UK Home Secretary: Muslim Men See White Girls as ‘Easy Meat’: BigPeace
Muslim website contains addresses of Coptic churches, bomb-making instructions: JihadWatch


The Tragedy of Mental Illness: Dr. Keith Ablow
CES: Counting the colors: CNet
U.S. patent awards surge in 2010; IBM still tops: CNet


Pre-Owned Jeans: American Digest
Pic: Smartest President in History Can't Button His Own Jacket: BlogProf
Camille Grammer's Porn Past Surfaces Thanks to Castmates: Pop Eater

Image: BlogProf
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QOTD: "...the same people who insisted in November 2009 that people should not rush to judgment about the potential connection of radical Islam to the Fort Hood shooting practically broke legs trying to tie an apparent paranoid schizophrenic who hailed Mein Kampf and The Communist Manifesto to Sarah Palin." -- Ed Morrissey

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