Friday, March 04, 2011

Funniest Reading in Weeks: Chevy Volt Reviews

I've been checking out reviews of the best-selling, coal-powered Chevy Volt on the big car sites and just had to share.

"Since receiving my car two weeks ago, I have been commuting 15 miles each way to work. This car is rock solid on the road and I have 12 miles of electric range when I arrive home to charge it. It is great driving this silently to work and then charging it with surplus electricity from my solar system."

"It's been cold here in the northeast, and use of the climate control, heated seats, and just plain effect of cold on the batteries does reduce range, to about 25 miles in my experience. This will certainly improve as winter passes, as other new owners in the forum in more moderate climates are seeing high 30's to over 40 mile range on electricity."

"Just took delivery of a Crystal Red Volt (#679 off the production line), and it is a solid piece of engineering. We charged it up, off our free 220V Coulomb charge point, since it was delivered to the house, and did a 31 mile drive down the delta from Sacramento. Upon our return we still had 6 miles of EV range left... Our LEAF should arrive early next month. Both cars will charge from the same chargepoint and with our home's solar panel array."

"I live in New York City and find that the electric range of this car was nothing but a scam. Since I bought the Volt, the best I could manage on electric power was 25 miles without the electric cabin heater, headlights, or radio on. When I'm leaving for work in the morning, it's dark and cold outside so I have to turn on the heater and headlights. This drops the electric range to about 9 miles after a full night's charge!!!! To make things worse, once the engine kicks in, I get about 28 MPG! After the 7k government credit, this car cost me 33k which is rediculous. A Prius costs 24k and will easily achieve 45 MPG."

"I ordered my Volt from a dealer in California where I used to reside and paid a staggering premium not mentioned when the deal was made months ago. However, I desperately wanted this car due to all of the hype (giving me great expectations) and my unending commitment to saving energy and the environment... The Volt's price is certainly not worth more than $22,000.00 and it is over double that! The inflated price, slower than molasses engine, poor gasoline mileage and cheap Chevy Cobalt-like interior and exterior quality will likely only amount to a "GM Edsel" debacle... I now fear continued poor reliability, resale value, electrical problems, high fuel costs and an astronomical electric bill. My air conditioner at my home had to be shut off to allow for enough energy to address the thirst of the Volt and avoid blowing a fuse... or worse. this car is a lemon... and my worst nightmare."

I also find it curious that there are no NHTSA crash test results available.

But I'm sure that's just ***cough...deathtrap!*** coincidental.


AlaskaHome1959 said...

Wow. $50,000 and the farthest it'll go is 50 miles before it turns back into a pumpkin--er, regular gas powered car. So impressive....not.

Iron Monkey said...

The 1910 Baker electric is still a contender to the Chevy Volt.

Sad, really.

Anonymous said...

And since Obama give all buyers a $7,500 tax CREDIT, you are paying for every Volt purchased.