Friday, March 11, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Dem staff engineered WI capitol takeover by mob

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Dem staff engineered WI Capitol takeover by mob: B14
DOJ Tells U.S. Soldiers: Go Bother Someone Else!: Adams
CPUSA Calls for Stepped-Up Struggle in Wisconsin: Noisy

8 GOP Senators to Reid: Cut the Debt, Dammit: Cubachi
Levin Surge!: Mark Levin
House GOP Shuts Down Failed TARP Mortgage Programs: HE

Holder grilled about Gunwalker under oath: Sipsey
You know that Keith Ellison tear-jerker? Yeah, it's a crock: WZ
Ellision: Constitution Was a Racist Conspiracy: Tatler


Why I'm Fighting in Wisconsin: Walker
'New Civility' Update: WI DoJ Investigates Death Threats: Malkin
Mark Pocan: Chickens*** Punk: GWP

Six-figure bus drivers and other heroes: Coulter
Obama's America: A Welfare State: EIB
Solidarity and Sleepovers in Madison: Boston Review

Government Out of Our Bathrooms!: RWN
Violent Rhetoric, Unions and Wisconsin Democrats: Shayne
Libs don't like guns but they do love death threats: Glob

Climate & Energy

Gasoline Prices Take Off for the Sky: RWN
Latest Victim of Global Warming: Coffee: JWF
Time: Why Don't People Believe Our 'Climate Change' Meme?: RWN


GOP: Full speed ahead on defunding NPR: York
Research: Medicaid Worse Than No Coverage at All: WSJ
Obama Calling Tea Party Racist Reveals A Far More Disturbing Reality: Marcus

For Republicans in 2012, it's Sarah Palin or another big fat L: LAT
The Racial Presidency: MenRec
This May Be Nothing, Or It Might Be Worth an Instalanche: RSM

An informational essay for all patriots – Please share: RWB
Obama's Make-Believe Life: FNF
Obama: Hey, Everyone Has to Make Sacrifices. . . Except Michelle, She Gets to Sport a $1,000 Handbag: WZ

HuffPo Responds to NPR Taking It in the Neck: RWN
Cartoon o' the Day: That's Racist!: RWN
Irony: Failed MI ex-Gov Granholm calls successful WI Gov Walker "lazy": BlogProf


France Fills Leadership Vacuum; Recognizes Libyan Rebels As Legitimate Government, Lobbies For Air Strikes: Ace
Congress must pass the FTAs with Colombia and Panama: Fausta
Barack Obama's Libya straitjacket: WaPo

Massive Earthquake Off Japan’s Coast; Magnitude 8.9: Tatler
Severe earthquake leads to tsunami, death and destruction in Japan: Post
Final Nail in the Coffin: Cube


Full Body Scanners: Wired
Toxins Move Up On Worry List: RWN
Where's my flying car?: Slate


American Asshat: Michael Moore: Diogenes
When a Picture Truly Is Worth a Thousand Words: Ricochet
Home Schooling Ingalls Family Wins Presidential Commencement Speech Challenge: IMCFT

Images: Gateway Pundit.
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QOTD: "Because of the insane union contracts in Wisconsin, one Madison bus driver, John E. Nelson, was able to make $159,000 in 2009 -- about $100,000 of which in overtime pay. Jackie Gleason didn't make that much playing bus driver Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners." Seven bus drivers took home more than $100,000 that year.

When asked about the outrageous overtime pay for bus drivers -- totaling $1.94 million in 2009 alone -- Transit and Parking Commission Chairman Gary Poulson said: "That's the contract."

It's ludicrous to suggest that these union contracts were fairly bargained. Only one side was at the negotiating table. Ordinary people with jobs were not at the meetings where public sector compensation was discussed." --Ann Coulter

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