Sunday, July 03, 2011

Combating class warfare rhetoric the easy Doug Ross way

My critics on Twitter revel in the standard class warfare rhetoric endemic to failed revolutions throughout history. The French Revolution. Russia in 1917. Peron in Argentina. The game-plan is always the same: demonize the rich, attack private industry, segregate political constituencies by race, gender, creed and religion in order to prey upon the weak-willed.

Such is the recipe of one Barack Obama, who has attacked industry after industry: coal miners, oil companies, health insurers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical professionals, and "millionaires and billionaires", among others.

The following are the kinds of messages I often receive on Twitter:

• Maybe we should just hand over country to REpub/CorpAmerica

• I found that Laws are about controlling WallSt,but we suffer too. Loopholes/oxymoron clauses have brought #us to the brink.

• UR to smart NOT to believe CorpAmerica wants to pay any Taxes

Unfortunately, we've bankrupted the Treasury with the alternative: the collectivist roadmap. And it's failed like it's failed every other time in history. Central planning by masterminds in some far-off capitol has a perfect track record. Zero-for-Eternity.

Remember that "Stimulus" program? How's that working out for ya', Sparky? Or the Department of Education? Working out swimmingly for low-income students? And that solar technology in which Jimmy Carter invested billions of taxpayer dollars? Remember how it revolutionized our energy infrastructure?

Spewing Marxist class warfare rhetoric is simply indicative of a lack of education.

To paraphrase Milton Friedman: who are these angels on Earth that can redistribute everyone's wealth?

There isn't a corporation on Earth that can force you to pay it whether you want to or not.

There isn't a corporation on the planet that can throw you in jail for failure to adhere to its millions of pages of laws, regulations and dictates.

There isn't a corporation anywhere that can make you buy a one-size-fits-all health care plan, or a certain kind of light bulb, or a low-flow toilet, or a certain kind of car, and so on and on.

There isn't a corporation anywhere that can command you -- the citizen -- to participate in multi-trillion dollar Ponzi schemes like Medicare, set to collapse in only ten short years.

No, there isn't any corporation powerful enough to do these things.

Only a giant, enormous, bloated federal government can ruin our economy in these ways. And, then, only because a certain group of power-hungry, easily corrupted politicians, lawyers and judges have ignored our highest law: the Constitution.

Our Framers created the Constitution to prevent the rise of an all-powerful, autocratic, authoritarian central government.

It wasn't the corporations that have ruined the economy: it's the politicians who violate their oath of office every day of the week. That's what the Tea Party is all about. And that is why every one concerned with the future of America should support Constitutional conservatism.


Anonymous said...

The U.S. could lower it's corporate tax rate and the economy would grow fast. Lars

Mt Top Patriot said...

You Tell Them Doug!
Huge Monster Bravo Buddy.
The Useful Idiots on Twitter can go pound sand.
America and what she stands for, Faith, Liberty, Prosperity, Freedom, is the greatest civilization in ALL of human history. If those bums who don't like it can't get with these greatest of all things, well I'm sure The Peoples Republic of Korea, or the compassionate mullahs in Iran will accept them with open arms.
I know you are too good a man and a virtuous American Patriot, so I'll say it for you Doug.
For all you out there, from obama on down to the lowest troll, if you don't like Liberty and America, Kiss my Ass and go to hell.

Matt said...

Knocked it out of the park! Actually, it just passed the space station on it's way into deep space.

Carl Bradley said...

I have two two word responses:

Simply Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I think it's ridiculous that the single, central problem facing the U.S. is "weak" politicians. The U.S. needs better policies, better ideas, and certainly a better way of paying down its debt.

But this whole strong/weak thing is a bit scary. What are you going to do with the politicians you call weak? What are the qualities of a "strong" politician? More importantly, what are the ideas that they're going to bring to government, if elected?

The "Patriot" part of the Tea Party group is scary in how xenophobic and nationalistic it is. This is the same country that is the "greatest civilization in all of history?" One that is going to turn on itself and its allies in equal measure?

I think America can pull itself out of the mess it's in without some revisionist history.