Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Quick and dirty debate after-report

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Quick and dirty debate after-report: Malkin
‘Occupy Wall Street has an Anti-Semitism Problem’: Driscoll
Obama/Pelosi Protesters Throw Tantrum in Senate Building: JWF

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Belmont Club
Occupy L.A.: Violence will be Necessary to Achieve Our Goals: Tatler
RINOs always travel in herds: Christie backs Romney: RSM

Intensity Update: Cain, by Miles: BizzyBlog
Obama Hits All-Time Low Among Blacks as Cain Surges: CNS
Occupy Wall Street: Darker Side Emerges: ABC


The People of OWS: like the people of Wal-Mart, only not as smart: MOTUS
Michelle’s Bad Eating Habits Scientifically Chronicled: Dossier
Need a good laugh? Behold the OWS 'Manifesto': RedCty

It's Hard to be a Racist: Williams
Government the Job Killer: Stossel
Health ‘Reform’—Promises Broken, Predictions Fulfilled: ChamberPost

Gunrunner & Solyndra

Fast And Furious And Ugly: IBD
Gunwalker: GOP Hopefuls Weigh In: Owens
"Gunwalking" subpoena for AG Holder imminent: Attkisson

Climate & Energy

As Economy Falters, EPA to Shut Down a Staggering 28 Gigawatts of Energy Production: MB
Hydraulic Fracturing Should Play A Major Role In Our Energy Future: ATR
Salazar Endorses Hydraulic Fracturing: ChamberPost


Some Tea Partiers Note Slight Disparity In Media's Attitude Towards Themselves, Occupy Wall Street: Ace
69% Oppose In-State Tuition To Illegal Immigrants: IBD
“McAwesome” No More: Leather Penguin

The Moral Dimensions of Illegal Immigration: Hanson
Now They Tell Us: Bill Clinton Has A Photographic Memory: Ace
Foes of LGBT history in textbooks face deadline: SFgate

Hmmmm: Romney Health Care Advisors Met a Dozen Times with Team Obama to Help Craft Obamacare: C4P
Pics From ‘We Stand With Gibson’ Rally: NiceDeb
‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protesters Encourage Gays To ‘Kill Your Parents’: GayPatriot

We Are The 53% — and we have a message for the 99%: C&S
Goodbye Columbus and Goodbye America : Knish
OWS Defecates On Cop Cars, Vandalizes Property, Pelosi Says “Bless Them”: Loesch


Did Ahmadinejad Know About the Iranian Terror Plot on Washington?: Rosett
Gilad Shalit to be released after five years … in exchange for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners: Hot Air
Georgia city adopts sharia-compliant court screening policy: Creeping

Sharia Honor Killing Case Swept Under the Rug: Shark Tank
Is Exposure of a Direct Iranian Plot to Launch Terror Attacks in Washington DC A Turning Point?: BRubin
Muslims Pelt Funeral Processions of Murdered Christians With Bricks: Atlas

Confirmed: Obama Administration Is Calling Families of Dead Terrorists & Apologizing: GWP
Iran’s Terror Plot: They Are Laughing In Our Face: BigPeace
U.S. citizens arrested in Mexico with 2 tons of marijuana: Borderland


Security firm RSA blames nation state for attack on its servers: Sophos
BlackBerry woes caused by `core switch failure': Yahoo!
Zynga secretly launches developer platform in plain sight: CNet


Queen Reclaims America: LaughingCon
Paula Deen: Michelle Obama likes fried food too: Exam
Mike Vanderboegh & David Codrea Awarded JPFO’s David and Goliath Award 2011: Ammoland

Image: Breaking: Attractive Woman Spotted at OWS Rally
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QOTD: "The war watchers (such as Marc Faber and everyone else who knows what follows an episode of epic Keynesian failure) have just lowered DefCon to level 2 after in a very surprising development the US accused Iran of backing a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US and to blow up the Saudi and Israel embassies in Washington. "The plot was part of a $1.5m “international murder-for-hire scheme” that was directly linked to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, said Eric Holder, attorney-general." Now, any press report that details Eric Holder being active in any capacity is almost certainly a confirmation of a false flag, although we will gladly reserve judgment for now. However, if this is indeed the precursor to war, at least CVN 74 and CVN 77 will be quite busy in the next few months. Also, the price chart of Brent will surely to quite surely point from the lower left to the parabolic up." --Tyler Durden

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