Monday, January 02, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: No Rest For Conservatives, the 'Sleeping Giant', in 2012

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No Rest For Conservatives, the 'Sleeping Giant', in 2012: BigGovt
A Holiday Gift From Ron Paul: Patterico
SSgt Wuterich: The Last Haditha Marine Goes On Trial: Malkin

The No News Stories of 2011: Hanson
The truth behind Holder’s push for ‘electoral equality’: Greenroom
Americans buy record number of guns for Christmas: Telegraph

My Final Short and Sweet Case For Newt Gingrich: RWN
Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows: AT
Perry backers could move to Santorum: Hill


Debt Man Walking: RS
Officer Stabbled in #OWS Riot: WZ
The RNC's 500-Page Book of Clips of Anti-Obama Material: NatlJrnl

Unlimited Domestic Energy...Right Now: AT
The GOP's Answer to Union Money: Barnes
Eurozone collapse 'starts this year' says CEBR: Telegraph

Gunrunner & Energygate

Obama on Guns: HE
Journalistic Sunstroke: IowaHawk
AP ‘Top 10’ List Confirms Media Still Ignoring Fast And Furious Story: AmmoLand

Climate & Energy

Utility may cut off power to solar plant: Surber
SST’s cooler now than in the Medieval Warming Period: Watts
How Columbus Caused the Little Ice Age: RWN


David Gregory Calls President Obama A Liar On Meet The Press: Ace
Don’t Underestimate Rick Santorum’s Campaign Strength in New Hampshire: RSM
‘Get Crazy With The Cheese Whiz’: RSM

What a Difference a Network Makes: Hookers & Booze
“the ethos of Legal Insurrection is much more subtle”: LI
New to Twitter: the tweet Murdoch took down ... fast: smh

Ten 2011 Examples of Major Media Malfeasance: Blumer
WaPo's Ignatius Predicts Obama to Take on Israel's Netanyahu in 2nd Term: NB
Taylor Marsh throws in the towel on Obama: Hot Air

Diogenes' 2nd Annual Golden Turd Awards.: Diogenes
“60 Minutes” Grills Eric Cantor on Why He’s Republican in Sunday Night Hit Piece: GWP
Santorum Schools Yet Another MSM Hack on Obama's Appeasement – This Time, NBC’s David Gregory: Pollak


The coming war with Iran: Kahlili
Obama’s Peace Partners, the Taliban, Attack Bagram Air Base on New Year’s Eve: GWP
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Vows Not To Recognize Israel, Cancel Peace Treaty: WZ


Apple's first iPhone was made in 1983: smh
'Neat and tidy' trumps bulging six pack: smh
Mobile carriers: Five predictions for 2012: CNet


Obama on Mythbusters: iOTW
The 50 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2011: RWN
Skid Marx: iOTW

Image: Los Angeles car fires security video released
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QOTD: "The issue here is not gonna be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln. — Barack Obama"

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