Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Palin, Limbaugh: Democrats want to run against Romney

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Palin, Limbaugh: Democrats want to run against Romney: GWP
Romney, the weak frontrunner: NRO
Huntsman, Gingrich, Perry all go Occupier; Santorum declines: Malkin

No hope that Obama changed: ConCom
You will love this GOP candidate for Utah-4: Lid
Gov. Haley Barbour Pardons FOUR Convicted Murderers: Bruce

Romney slides 10 points in 5 days in the NH Suffolk poll: Hot Air
Youth Vote: Our Future Laughed Off Stage: Alexa
Why is Ron Paul allowed to Continue Participating in Debates?: RS

Is Mitt This Election Cycle’s Linda McMahon?: RWN
Crime without punishment: AT
Incredibly, Pelosi Continues to Blame Bush: MB

Constitutional Crisis

No you don't, Sparky: Flopping Aces
There Was No Nomination of Cordray before the Senate: Cato
Santorum: Obama Reelection means America Will Be Gone: Tatler


National Debt Now Equals Entire US Economy: S&L
Obama’s Medical Records Requirements Already Causing Job Loss: Publius
Mitt Romney's RINO Austerity Economics Make Him Least Electable: Forbes

UAW Fund, Underfunded By $20 Billion, To Cut Retiree Benefits: LUR
DHS Program Completely Wasted $45 Million in Illinois: PubInt
Incoming Chief of Staff Jack Lew’s Past Statements: Bizarre: BG

Climate & Energy

Sackett v. EPA: Supreme Court Takes Up Property Rights Case: Foundry
Carbon Dioxide, The Wonder Gas -- Will It Save Us From The Next Ice Age?: Wolf Howling
Supreme Court to hear case of dream home quashed by EPA: CSM


How Media’s Malpractice With Obamas’ Halloween Bash Hurts Conservatives: Loesch
MSNBC Puts Two and Two Together and Comes Up with Zilch: Truth About Guns
Krugman: Redefining “Equal Opportunity”: Q&O

Michelle Obama "distressed" that "white Irish Catholic[s] ...locked up" power in Illinois.: Sun-Times
Conservative Bloggers Should Moderate GOP Debates: Glob
Occupy the Quakers: Marathon

Homeland Security monitors journalists: RT
NYT's Bill Keller Endorses Obama-Clinton Ticket In 2012: NB
GA School Uses Slavery In Math Questions: S&L

RedState's Defense Makes No Sense: Riehl
Rick Santorum does NOT support SOPA: Scoop
Religious Player Hating: Tebow and Suggs: Alexa

This Week’s MSM Bias Award Goes to George Stephanopoulos: DLim
Former Olby Staffer: A "Walking Hostile Work Environment": Ace
Who is Paul Mulshine?: Riehl


Iran's ayatollahs are again testing US resolve: Bolton
Florida Muslim Arrested in Plot to Bomb Crowded Tampa Mall: GWP
China Slams U.S.' New 'Asian Focused' Defense Strategy: Fox

WaPo: Obama Foreign Policy an Abject Failure: Big Peace
Obama To Betray Missile Defense Secrets To Moscow: IBD
Feds: Man planned terrorism attacks in Tampa: Tampa Bay

The Shocking List of Gitmo Detainees Obama Plans to Release in Deal with Taliban: Blaze
Obama Finally Boots Venezuelan Diplomat Who Planned U.S. Attack: JW
Ahmadinejad’s “Hate America” tour to Latin America, threatens U.S. National Security: Babalu


India Reports Completely Drug-Resistant TB: Wired
Hell on Earth: NASA’s Toxic Venus Test Chamber: Wired
Google Intensifies Its Guerrilla War Against The TV Business: Insider


Are we... living in a sports movie?: Moe Lane
'Second rate': What the Nobel Prize jury thought about Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: Daily Mail
The Theme of Obama's Second Inaugural (defaced by some capitalist pig enemies of the state).: SSI

Images: Buzzfeed: 50 Unexplainable B&W Photos: and Ace o' Spades
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Rick Santorum for President

QOTD: "According to Fed chairman Ben Bernanke (and I believe he is correct on this point) it currently takes about 125,000 jobs a month to hold the unemployment rate steady, down from about 150,000 in 2000. I expect that number to drop for a few more years due to boomer demographics, but the key point is the number is positive not negative.

The only reason unemployment rate has dropped recently is because [Ed: the highly politicized] BLS surveys say the number is negative (a shrinking labor force).

Based on historical data and Bernanke's estimates, one would have expected the unemployment rate to have risen during 2010... Instead, the unemployment rate fell from 10 to 8.5. " --Mike Shedlock

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