Sunday, January 01, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Voter ID Terrifies Democrats

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Voter ID Terrifies Democrats: Times
Sundays with Sherrod: ‘Celebrating’ 19 Awful Years: BigGovt
Suspected Terrorists Can Be Indefinitely Detained Without Trial: Wire

Will Obama steal the 2012 election?: Times
Aides: Obama to bypass Congress, issue XO's every week: WZ
Is Mitt Romney just John McCain with hair?: Paco

GOP Senators Join Call for Kagan Recusal as Required By Law: TH
Chief Justice Responds to Obamacare Recusal Calls: WSJ
Virginia AG Intervenes in Ballot Mess: Tatler


A Simple Way to Think About the U.S. Debt and Deficit Problems: AT
Two Possible Paths in 2012: Driscoll
Small businesswoman's unbelievable takedown of Obamanomics: WZ

Privatize the Schools: PJM
Keynes was right -- about the Jews?: Power Line
Ron Paul: 'I Can Connect With Both' Tea Partiers and Occupiers: CNS

Climate & Energy

A New Year’s Prediction Challenge For Climate Alarmists – 2012 Edition: RWN
Say what? Rep. Dingell claims Chevy Volt is "selling like hotcakes": AutoBlog
Gingrich Axes Chapter on Climate Change in Forthcoming Book: Malkin


“Anti-Semitism has become almost wholly the province of the Left today”: Wizbang
Santorum Closing in on Romney in Iowa in Des Moines Register Poll: HE
Occupy Wall Street in 2011 & The Racist Rager from Occupy Wall Street Responds: Urban Infidel

New TV Show Idea: All-American Christian: AT
NBC Touts Californians Who Support Higher Taxes: NB
Mormonism or Marxism: Which Would You Prefer at the White House?: Townhall

2011 Graphics Roundup: Looking Spoon
Top 10 Most Influential Conservative Women in America: HE
Ezra Klein, Chris Hayes Reveal What DC Media Knew: Obama Willing to Let Payroll Tax Cut Expire: BigJourn


The Year We Lost Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Most of the Middle East: Sultan Knish
Obama administration turns to notorious Jew hater to mediate in Afghanistan: AT
Al Arabiya Arabic Channel Chooses Weirdest Fatwas of 2011: Blaze

The Santa Killer Was a Religion of Peacer: Giles
Christians could disappear altogether from Egypt, Iraq and Afghanistan: Atlas
Best War Porn Evah!: WZ

Intellectual Freedom Buried Yet Again: AT
Afghan Child Bride Beaten and Tortured: “My Mother-in-Law Pulled Out My Nails”: GWP


First Siri, Now Threat Detection: Inside SRI’s Amazing R&D: Wired
Facebook hands out White Hat debit cards to hackers: CNet
Chicago restaurants stop taking cell phone orders: CNet


Young Aldo: Double Plus Undead
Steel Panther, The Greatest Band Ever: Ace
The Genius Of Capitalism - An Alien Cathouse: Wolf Howling

Image: "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Better than hoped for"
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QOTD: "Nancy Pelosi and her husband were parties to a dozen or so IPOs, many of which were effectively off limits to all but the biggest institutional investors and their favored clients. One of those was a 2008 investment of between $1 million and $5 million in Visa, an opportunity the average investor could not have bought, begged, or borrowed his way into — one that made the Pelosis a 50 percent profit in two days. Visa, of course, had business before Speaker Pelosi, who was helping to shape credit-card-reform legislation at the time. Visa got what it wanted. The Pelosis have also made some very fortunate investments in gas and energy firms that have benefited from Representative Pelosi’s legislative actions.

The Pelosis made a million bucks off a single deal involving OnDisplay, the IPO of which was underwritten by investment banker William Hambrecht, a major Pelosi campaign contributor. Writes Schweizer: “The same Bill Hambrecht went before the House Finance Committee, chaired by Barney Frank, a Pelosi ally, to push for a change in the registration process for stock IPOs, an exemption called Regulation A. Under current law, a company that plans an IPO of less than $5 million in stock gets an exemption from detailed reporting. Hambrecht wanted the exemption raised to $30 million, which would greatly benefit his business, making IPOs easier, quicker, and far less expensive. As the hearings began, Congressman Frank said, ‘I should note also that it was Speaker Pelosi who first called this to our attention earlier in the year. It is something that the speaker has taken a great interest in.’”" --Kevin D. Williamson, "Repo Men"

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