Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: Carney: Newt Gingrich “Lying” About $2.50 Gas

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Carney: Newt Gingrich “Lying” About $2.50 Gas: Dossier
President Signs Law Placing Prior Restraint on Free Speech: NewAm
Rep. Joe Walsh: We've go one election to save this country: Scoop

Jon Bruning: The Eric Holder Republican: RS
Are We Better Off Than We Were 4 Years Ago? Uh, No.: Bruce
Justice Department rejects Texas voter ID law: Politico


Annals of Government Medicine: Power Line
Uncle Sam's Teaser Rate: WSJ
Government Lobbies Itself With Our Money: MB

2012 Elections

No Joy in Romneytown: Sultan Knish
First Lady Challenged by 11-year-old Reporter: Beacon
Obama targets Palin, Hannity, Breitbart in new ad: Breitbart

How Democrats Are Trying To Cover Every Base For 2012: Glob
White House Incivility for Newt and Contempt for You: Dossier
Mississippi and Alabama primaries spell high stakes: BBC

Scandal Central

The Big Hoax: Sowell
Consumer Reports: $100K Hybrid Undriveable: S&L
Obama’s Covert Plan To Raise Gas Prices: Norris

Climate & Energy

$50 Light Bulb That Replaces A 25¢ Bulb Got A $10 Million Government 'Prize': AT
Regulation Nation: New study finds Obama’s regs cost $46 billion a year: Exam
Apple, Get Your Carbon Footprint Off My Neck: AT


Bill Ayers: That Breitbart Fellow Sure Was a "Bomb-thrower," Wasn't He?: Townhall
CNN Seeks To Limit Loss of Credibility By Rewriting History: Flopping Aces
CNN Again Features Obama Campaign Propaganda, Hypes Clinton's Support of President: NB

WashPost Buries Most of the Numbers Off Page One on Bad Obama Poll: NB
It’s Here… Obama’s Rudest Moments Caught on Tape: GWP
Call the waaahmbulance: Snarlin’ Specter’s settling scores: Malkin

Busted: Why Is LGF’s Charles Johnson Now Embracing Louis Farrakhan?: RSM
The Ruse and Fail of Little Green Footballs: Blogmocracy
Moving On and I Hope You’ll Join Me: Verum Serum


Children Apparently Clubbed in Syrian Massacre: AtlWire
Top Muslim scholar says any one who insults Prophet should be killed, even Tweeters: Creeping
Investigating the Bin Laden Family’s Safe Havens: WS

Dear Leader PROPAGANDA Movie Glorifies Obama Over Bin Laden Killing, NO MENTION OF NAVY SEALS: WZ
Skeptics doubt U.S. can be certain about Iran's nuclear progress: LAT
German media totally ignore the brutal rape and mutilation of a 16-year-old German girl by Muslims: BNI

False Gaza photo posted by UN employee becomes 'top tweet': Matzav
Panetta: Death penalty possible in Afghan shooting: AP
Japan's Debt Disaster and China’s Non-Rebalancing Act: Economic Toxic Brew Portends Currency Crisis: Mish


Dispatch from the post-PC revolution: ComputerWorld
Microsoft Credits Azure Customers for Leap-Day Outage: Wired
Researchers say long-lost Leonardo may have been found: Reuters


Who Is Happy?: Prager
Resister Updates: Pain: Zilla
Have New Domain Names Outed U.S. Airways & American Airlines' Merger Plans?: Consumerist

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QOTD: "Putting forward an electable moderate with an ambiguous position on most issues is a credible strategy for winning elections, even if it isn't a very promising one. The establishment is betting that come election day, Romney will still look like a reasonable choice compared to the man presiding over an economic disaster. No one will be fired up at the thought of pulling the lever for him, but he will look like the guy you want to hire to fix the problem that the last guy you hired caused.

Is that a good bet? Over a few months the media turned a popular moderate Republican war hero who was well liked even by them into a crazy senile monster who would turn America into a Christian dictatorship. They also turned a young reformist female governor into a crazed idiot." --Daniel Greenfield

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