Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Obamacare IS Constitutional...

I can assure you, despite all of the hullabaloo from the hoi polloi, that Obama is entirely, 100% Constitutional, no if's and's or but's:

• Because Congress can compel Americans to engage in commerce in order to then regulate their activities under the Commerce Clause.

• Because the fee that every American must pay -- by dint of their mere existence -- for failing to comply with "the Individual Mandate" is either a "tax" or a "penalty", depending on which day of the week it is.

• Because health care is a unique market, one in which every American must participate at some point in their lives. Unlike the markets of, say, clothing, shelter, food, transportation, ...

• Because Congress has the right -- the obligation -- to trump God and the First Amendment in order to ensure that all Americans get free contraceptives and abortifacients.

• Because the "Consent of the Governed" is outdated and antiquated. Congress can do anything it wants, even if 63% of all Americans are opposed to their actions.

• Because a 2,200-page bill that not one member of Congress read -- much less understands -- is inherently Constitutional, as the noted legal scholar Nancy Pelosi insists.

• Because what could be more American than nationalizing one-sixth of the entire economy?

• Because a few masterminds in Washington will be able to manage that one-sixth of the economy more effectively than the entire private sector.

• Because government-run health care has turned out to be cost-effective, innovative, and efficient in delivering health care, except in countries like England, Canada and Sweden.

• Because every founder of this country -- every single Framer of the Constitution from James Madison to George Mason -- would agree with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Barack Obama. That is, all Americans have the right to free health care, which must be delivered by a 15-member panel of elite masterminds overseeing an authoritarian, centralized, massive federal bureaucracy.


Anonymous said...

The liberals will find justifications in “penumbras” and “emanations.”

juandos said...

Oh damn! I was drinking a coke when I started reading this incredible screed and initially I came close to hurly coke through my nose onto the screen & keyboard...

Dougster, how about a warning next time?!?!

Remember donate early & donate often so that you to can have a meal fit for a king...:-)

Jim - PRS said...

The 2,200 page statute will spawn thousands regulations, all written (very poorly, I might add) by unelected bureaucrats.

Bones said...

I never see mention of people that handle their medical bills the old fashion way. They pay them with their own money. Why should they have to pay a fine (penalty, tax ??)for not having insurance.

Anonymous said...

A quibble: it's not a take over of 1/6th of the economy. it's government taking over the rest of healthcare. Employer funded insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, government run VA services all distort the free market.

And I agree with Jim - PRS: this is like the EPA or Department of Energy: it's not the vague 2,200 law that will cause the most damage: it is the cancerous number of agencies and regulations that will grow out of it.


The_Bad said...

Oh, Doug. There's no such thing as the "individual mandate". Don't you know they've rebranded to "personal responsibility clause"?

That sounds nicer, doesn't it?


Jennifer A. Star said...

We all see how the VA services, Medicaid, and Medicare are all doing under Governmental control.
I still don't understand how it (The whole thing) is constitutional. I cannot claim to have read it all but I don't see. How can you make some one pay a tax on having health care or not. I thought that was what being an American Citizen was all about. When did I move to CHINA?